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    Something Bothering You? Tell It to Woebot.

    would you be able to copy and paste that text here? can't see the nytimes in the uk. thank you.
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    Something Bothering You? Tell It to Woebot.

    they attempted to buy the URL off me!
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    Dissensus culture bunker

    was bricking myself that i couldn't find this was bricking myself that i couldn't find this. but it shows up finally.
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    obnoxious people

    i don't think there are genuinely obnoxious voices today. or at least if they are there they don't hold the mic. i'm thinking of the likes of johnny rotten or morrissey. these days obnoxiousness is limited to offending people on the other side of culture wars barricade. someone like trump isn't...
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    being mean and rude because someone is kind and polite

    the oldest tale in the world. such an easy trap to fall into - on both sides being too kind - as well as being too mean... what's the way around it? to just be totally neutral? usually i make a decision - is this person "x" a dog? if they are a dog i kick them - then they are happy. kick...
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    Psychedelic drugs

    This actually looks fascinating. And precisely the kind of conversation that should be happening - rather than the same old bullshit:
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    Feats of Nerdiness

    A twin thread to the feats of autism thread. Have recently discovered this guy's channel on YouTube. Absolutely LOVE his passion and dedication and totally unabashed geekery. Here's two of my favourite videos - both HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Here where he repairs a Wii. MESMERISING. and here...
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    Most underrated LP/albums ever

    revisited this - that petrol emotion - manic pop thrill - the earliest indie lps i bought - and while it's not an unheralded classic it is a really very stonking little album
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    ok, sorry i thought we were talking about affluence - not relative affluence. @john eden i think we should probably take this somewhere else. to be clear i'm not making a right-wing argument - a case for capitalism and the status quo and so forth.
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    UK Techno "Lightning Swords of Death" 1989-1995

    ooh irdial! great catch, dave.
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    UK Techno "Lightning Swords of Death" 1989-1995

    oh! great track.
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    statistically the deadliest diseases are caused by bad diets (not defined here as malnutrition), alcohol and smoking. here the guardian point out that "Rich nations dominate the list of countries most burdened by...
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    UK Techno "Lightning Swords of Death" 1989-1995

    afx - analogue bubblebath - did [gloriously] keep faith with techno