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    Pointillist Pitfalls and Perfection

    funny, I saw ikeda live once, it was really loud and distinctly remember it making ears hurt and crackle. I liked it, was an enjoyable sound experience unlike any I've had, but a challenge to endure. not a noise nutter, tho.
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    The Horror Renaissance

    back end probably looks a bit ragged.
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    Foreign Language/Non-English TV

    sorry I mentioned British telly programs, back to the topics at hand, boys...good foreign shows for version (and me).
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    Wuhan Killer Sneeze (thanks Tea)

    I didn't pay attention, did Boris pull that? wonder if he has any lingering effects. think I mentioned previously I know a 30-something woman in decent shape who "recovered" back in late may but suffers decreased lung capacity, gets winded walking five blocks.
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    Wuhan Killer Sneeze (thanks Tea)

    yup. hate to see anyone get sick but won't mind if he had it worse than Boris. a few days on a respirator, at least.
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    Dinner of the Day.

    hopefully that's for two, tea.
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    Foreign Language/Non-English TV

    I know you're looking to get away from British shows but most seasons of "line of duty" are good. "happy valley" not bad, "Broadchurch" ok.
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    Foreign Language/Non-English TV

    also "spiral" (French).
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    Dinner of the Day.

    I started doing overnight oats a couple of years ago, throw in a heaping tablespoon or two of yogurt in with the milk (I use soy or almond) in a container the night before, served with a half a banana mixed in. tasty and filling, usually eat bfast at around 7:00 am and often not hungry enough...
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    Foreign Language/Non-English TV

    caliphate (Sweden) the bureau (France) occupied (Norway) trapped (Iceland)
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    what's up with using Vimothy as his name?
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    rolling tv thread

    it's no match for Cop Rock: a spectacular/insane gamble from Steven Bochco, opening theme by Randy Newman, .
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    The Suburbs

    not sure I understand. I said cities are expensive, most kids don't live there. most of them are in the suburbs, where they create their own things out of boredom.
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    yeah, fights in superhero films are so boring, like a version of professional wrestling. currently watching season 4 of "the bureau" (highly recommended), scenes in current and previous seasons of characters being interrogated in Iran, held hostage by ISIS and time in a Russian prison. the...
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    new dean blunt

    really? maybe I got you confused with someone else here.