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    Like a lot of people, I've got back into chess via the online thing since lockdown, although I've come to realize that I kind of find it more enjoyable in the abstract than in practice, as in, I really enjoy analyzing and understanding the game, solving puzzles and so on, but trying to find the...
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    what are you reading now?

    I think it is, actually? I seem to remember being told at some point that it's pronounced Seek-oh.
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    what are you reading now?

    Just read Dan Sicko - Techno Rebels. It's good, I guess? Well researched, good information, engaging to read. I found it weirdly lacking atmosphere, though. Surprisingly little sense of place for a subject that's so rooted in Detroit, surprisingly little search for meaning for a subject that's...
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    William Gibson

    Meanwhile on Twitter:
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    "I'm trad, dad!"

    "You’re always on about these driving-belts, you are always exploding about internal combustion. We’ve had machines here in England for a donkey’s years”
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    Election 2020

    My thought last night was that it looked less like a genuine coup attempt and more like a bunch of fuckwits larping a coup attempt, if that makes sense.
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    TBH at this point I'd assume that anyone who just hits the pillow and immediately conks out for eight hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep is a cop.
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    A weird thing about having a baby during the pandemic is that so much of your normal stuff is on hold anyway and you have no idea how far it'd have taken over your life in other circumstances. Like, I'd assume that you're going to spend proportionately more of your time getting excited about...
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    Record of the Year 2020

    "Everyone nominate one and then vote for the order" or even "everyone nominate one and then don't bother ordering them" would arguably make for a more interesting list? Or it might be better to just accept that sticking a linear order on such a disparate bunch of things is a fools errand and not...
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    Record of the Year 2020

    I think it's particularly noticeable for Wire because pluralism is kind of central to what they do. With a mag that's tied in to a particular scene it sort of makes sense to triangulate the middle ground of what all the writers are into, but if they dip into everything from avant-classical to...
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    William Wordsworth Wanders Lonely

    I've only read the Prelude, though.
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    William Wordsworth Wanders Lonely

    IT was a close, warm, breezeless summer night, Wan, dull, and glaring, with a dripping fog Low-hung and thick that covered all the sky; But, undiscouraged, we began to climb The mountain-side. The mist soon girt us round, 5 And, after ordinary travellers’ talk With...
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    William Wordsworth Wanders Lonely

    I quite like the bit in The Prelude about going up Snowdon at night.
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    Record of the Year 2020

    Been enjoying the latest Sly & the Family Drone:
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    Dissensus Gothic

    The Raime FACT mix is a pretty decent stab at Goth Jungle: Tracklist: 1. Steve C and Monita – The Razors Edge – Skeleton Records 1994 2. DJ Buz – Slave – No U-Turn 1994 3. 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse – We Are The Future (Phantasy &...