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    RIP Gershon Kingsley (of "Hot Butter - Popcorn"-Fame)

    Wow he got 97 years old. Legend.
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    Election incoming

    There some truth in that. There aren't even much "This was the decade" things. Unlike in late 2009. Plenty of "This was the 2000s" back then. People have accepted to live in the perpetual present.
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    As a fan of motorsports I had to go and watch "Ford vs Ferrari", and it was great. Quite close to the actual events, and the racing scenes weren't souped up too much via CGI. Oldfashioned storytelling.
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    'The Future' Weaponized For Intergenerational Warfare.

    To me, "OK,Boomer" is an expression of helplessness and weakness. It'a a little bit of scorn, which will "trigger" a lot of people on social media, but in reality, it apparently STILL is the boomers who are calling the shots. For 25 years now, I might add (taken into account Clinton was the...
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    'The Future' Weaponized For Intergenerational Warfare.

    Leo is WWII generation.
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    'The Future' Weaponized For Intergenerational Warfare.

    I don't care either way, I despise a great deal of any given generation
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    Election incoming

    Exactly, and the very reason the smartest kids try to get into the position where you have others work for you
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    Dissensus Folk Memory

    There are guys like that also on discogs. People compiling a gazillion lists of genres and whatnot. It's unlikely those guys actually own that amount of physical recordings.
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    Extinction Rebellion

    Roger Hallam calling the holocaust "just another fuckary in human history" is all the rage right now in Germany. A renowed publisher is pulling the german version of a book of his ready for publishing this autumn at the moment.
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    The Dissensus Hardcore Poll Is Now Open

    93 was such a great year. Was quite a task to trim down the list to only 35
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    Shark E. Smith

    I think The Fall was the band John Peel played the most in his shows EVER.
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    I don't know, I stumbled across that pic some time ago. In fact, there are many grotesque figures and ghouls attached to old cathedrals. Also Notre Dame has some great ghouls on its walls.
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    Figure outside the Cologne cathedral
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    Terminator: Franchise Killed
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    Election incoming

    At least, this will keep the forum occupied...for better or worse ;):x: