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    Name a good song about football

    People pass hot dogs and beers to each other down rows, helpfully.
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    perfect melodies

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    perfect melodies

    Melody. And………timing.
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    Provincial UK Cities Rated - Nominations

    2. Peter Gabriel sort of
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    WashYourHands' Top 23 (+77)

    Fuck. Precisely my experience. But I was 7 and going to boarding school after a rare Sunday at home.
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    how much do you drink in a normal week?

    It's a companion piece to the lad who ate fists full of Space Dust, drank gallons of Lemonade, and then blew up in the playground.
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    The cars you drive

    Yes! Though I think they are trying to expunge Princess Margaret not us.
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    The cars you drive

    I was born in 1972. In Swindon. I also confuse and frustrate people.
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    Intoxication log

    Rubber on parquet?
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    Psychedelic drugs

    Enjoy. Go in well-slept.
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    did 'the jam' have good lyrics'

    At Dingwalls in Camden Reviewed at the time in Melody Maker - Jane Busman? Caught my attention
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    Super Villain Lairs

    Cos he lives in a cardboard box.
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    Choon of the Day

    Huh. I always thought it was great but the Stranglers weren't. Now I know why.
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    In my mind’s eye I am Jimenez.