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    I went there and most people were thick. Really, really dense
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    Peak Josef k
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    Glitchcore? Cybergoth? Post-hardcore? Breakcore? Weirdcore?

    With a lot of this music, and a lot of music being made today tbh, I end up wondering where the drive for pleasure has gone. Like it all seems so self consciously cut up, zig zagging around, throwing you off. I get that it's music that sounds like life online with a thousand tabs open and...
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    I truly think about this every single day. It is the pretty much the most profound thing that has ever happened to me. On Luka's sofa in blackheath. Although it's not left me with any desire to get into worshipping the Hindu gods or anything. I just like knowing that they're out there and we...
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    Evil Eye

    All nature writing is autobiography Someone said that. Or if not, they should have
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    Evil Eye

    Regrettably even in the happiest unions, unequal sex drives between partners is not uncommon
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    Evil Eye

    Also they mate for life so when you see them strutting around it's generally all about the reaffirmation of the loving bond rather than them being on the pull. It's a touching scene that it is our privilege to witness
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    Evil Eye

    Ah that's just physical banter between mates. There's no malice in it. They are incapable of malice
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    Nature Watch.

    Lots of magpies messing around in the gutters of the house opposite recently. I think crows and magpies have too much time on their hands tbh. It's like they've cracked the code, they're so good at getting food and nothing really eats or attacks them, so they just have hours to while away each...
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    Thats my interpretation anyway, MAN
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    Yeah love that one. I like that lyric "what are you gonna do, when they don't believe you?" Cos it seems to be about the liberating power of not being believed. Like if others don't think you're true you can really do anything, you're free and off off away on your own.
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    Evil Eye

    It's true I do love pigeons. I think they're magnificent. They can live anywhere, on anything. And they just meander around in a state of zen calm. Never fighting, or getting aggy with each other. Seagulls, say, have this constant level of aggression and blanket hatred to each other. They're...
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    Woza is a wicked name for a night
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    Dinner Party Music

    A real nadir for dissensus, this thread
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    I know what you mean about long blends. I think they really really work with this music. I love that thing that a lot of the London DJs do where they'll tease snippets of a vocal tune for ages in a mix. Like playing the "come closer...come closer" section of that DJ jacko tune for a few minutes...