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    Kudu -- the best band in NYC

    Yeah, woops.
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    Baldelli Tracks

    Recently went through the trouble of attempting to ID the tracks on one of his Cosmic mixtapes (#28, I think). He certainly didn't rely on the same bank of 250-300 records. x Killing Joke - Requiem Mike Oldfield - Sally x x x Killing Joke - Change Todd Rundgren - Healing, Pt. 1 x x (Positive...
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    MoodyMann - an appreciation

    They're all essentially collections, BMII excepted, with a few then-new things interspersed. BM and Forevernevermore especially flow so well that they sound as if they were conceived as albums. (And, of course, I have no problem with singles at all.) Dixon clearly takes cues from albums that can...
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    Killing Joke

    Part two: Jaz is almost shouting. He attempts to explain the Killing Joke attitude. "The feeling of a guy in the first world war who's just about to run out of the trenches, right, and he knows his life is going to be gone in ten minutes and he thinks of that fucker back in Westminster who put...
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    Killing Joke

    It was when I linked it. Odd. Here it is via cache: NME 15 Nov 1980 THE KILLING OF BROTHER PAUL They think Paul Morley's a joke: they feel like killing him. But the same intrepid journalist ventures fearfully forth to let Killing Joke abuse him. If I had heard how Jaz had let Youth know...
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    Killing Joke

    Here it is. Is it okay to like both?
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    MoodyMann - an appreciation

    Mahogany Brown (occasionally brilliant), Silence in the Secret Garden (fatiguing) and Black Mahogani II (flat-out poor) have their problems. That said, he does have the album thing down. No other producer I've heard has fit together stray tracks as if they were puzzle pieces like him (especially...
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    Say what?
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    DJ fined €1.4m for massive 'illegal' music cache

    That's what he gets for being too lazy to ask for promotional copies.
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    Carl Craigs recent music

    No, your assumption is right. Kompakt and Kompakt-distributed labels can bat around most of their ideas right now without getting redundant. That comment made me look like too much of a pessimist, when it's more that I'm always up for a good shake-up. The new Craig 12" is good! Two tracks...
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    Carl Craigs recent music

    None of his recent remixes, save the one of "Hot on the Heels of Love," have done much for me. Maybe it's because I've expected primal batshit insanity since the Tres Demented 12". (Haven't heard the new one. Hoping to recitfy that soon.) I do love Programmed. Not so much the case with the tame...
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    Palais Schaumberg

    He's on some later Associates -- he and Fehlmann also produced some Billy Mackenzie solo-in-name, too.
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    One of those ppl who vote on "values" doesn't like my blog :(

    A white athlete or musician would never strike his wife or girlfriend, and he is far too intelligent to dabble with drugs. But what do I know? I am an English teacher who spells "molotov" "molotav," or "mozzletauv" -- whatever.
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    mathew jonson live set

    He has the belt right now (according to these ears, at least).
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    U.S. hip-hop singles thread

    Fabolous - Breathe Jay-Z - 99 Problems David Banner - Crank It Up Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It's Hot Ghostface - Run Juvenile - Nolia Clap Nas - Thief's Theme Young Gunz - Friday Night Lloyd Banks - On Fire Pastor Troy - Ridin' Big