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    Sleaford Mods

    Judging from the youtube videos I've seen the perfomance job in the band of the guy with the hat seems to be: head nodding beer drinking.:D
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    Record storage options

    These in the pictures collapsed because they were turned on the sides. If built correctly you should be quite safe with Expedits.
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    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    What I don't get are these places that are these hybrid between pub/bar and club/disco - no dancefloor, so people are just standing around drinking, music at almost club/disco volume, so you're forced to scream at each other, and you have to pay to get in. Hey I work in Bonn... haven't been in...
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    Digital & Interactive Media... Where do you see it going?

    I find it kind of heart warming, that with all the processing power depicted in the video, the speech synthesis is still imagined as being quite rubbish.
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    Pointless But It Does My Head In :eek:
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    Websites/Forums For New Music The board has a reputation of being very opinionated and a bit dogmatic when it comes to EAI. But it's a good resource, I have found a lot of really great music just by lurking there.
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    Is music getting more miserable?

    Maybe production values play a part in that? The loudness war debate is usually about ear fatigue and such things, but not mood (at least i haven't seen it). When everything is sonically maxed out, even a song that could be a happy tune sounds heavy. I really miss playfulness and a sense of...
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    Hipsters: Scourge or Irrelevence

    all questions are answered here: (maybe, haven't read it of course :rolleyes:)
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    Conceptual art: what's the point?

    I don't think you can compare pop music with conceptual art. I'd rather say that contemporary art is much more accepted than its equivalent in music, there are certainly a lot more people walking through Tate Modern, Guggenheim, MOMA etc. than attending Wandelweiser performances. Of course, you...
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    I bought Building Stories today and so far haven't regret it. It's a really gorgeous thing, obviously I haven't read it, but just unpacking the box creates a sense of exploration and the desire to figure out how all these parts could fit together. Can't say how much of it was published...
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    In this interview he says "Building Stories actually has more unpublished pages and stories than anything I've ever released" I plan to go by the comic shop today after work and have a look.
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    Bulbs were a lot less straight and nearer to improv/noise than this, but in a way they indeed sound related. Maybe the move of (american) noise towards dance music is sort of the reverse circle of techno looking back to (post-) industrial (Surgeon, Sandwell Distract, Pansonic etc.)?
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    Dilloway as techno? Don't know, just because he's loopy... I really like the Bulbs album that came out on Swanson's (defunct?) label some years back, it has a sort of unstable Basic Channel thing going together with hazy guitar feedback noise. And there's Carlos Giffonis excursions into acid...
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    It is! But don't forget to praise Eddie Campbells art! I find what he does really touching and convincing. And his writing is often hilarious, I love all the Alec stuff.
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    Can't remember that one. But speaking of Hugo Pratt, I recently found a cheap copy of Indian Summer, written by him and drawn (very well) by Manara. A very ambivalent comic. It deals with sex and violence in Puritan New England, all quite unpleasant and ends in catastrophe. But it's also...