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    Neon Screams!

    In 1998 Cher’s auto tune mangled croning dominated radio & tv. that impossible stepped pitched vocal sound forced itself into everyones conscious . in the video she appears as some kind post human rave ai goddess. more spirit creature than the 1980s robo/computer association of the vocoder...
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    lovers jungle

    This has the more muscular ambition of post 97 dnb but still has something, a more successful hybrid of rnb and techy Chicago ambience with jungle. A space which instantly calcified when fabio and them forced an ugly brand around it. “Liquid”. Blugh. The word applied as a genre sounds awful...
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    give me something to listen to kafirs

    Was there a particular event, a specific listening experience, that provoked this ? Since then, you only permit yourself youtube links, via referral from someone , that right?
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    How has burial dated for you?

    It is a slight mess, but I think that’s a product of some qualities of late burial that I value more than classic untrue burial. his late stuff tends toward falling apart far more frequently and more throughly than untrue-b. Untrue-b is carefully balanced , interally emo but outwardly...
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    Flute Riddims

    this isnt even a flute just a square wave but i think itsy notable how the closely the grime square monolead maps onto the form and function of the flute, and fully how grime embraced a virtualization of that instrument type and held it centrally to its core actually Ruff Squad "Pied Piper"...
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    Flute Riddims

    you can end that debate friend, thats a synth, that trill at 2.49, its a gliding mono synth. jungle seemed to have no interest in flute loops, too wistfully pastoral or something. Rap can utilize that connotation in a way that the jungle rave impulse couldnt. There was a hidden agenda tune...
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    Wild trumpets in hip hop

    this is the literal opposite of the unhinged squak you've specified. But when talking brass & hip hop, that whole stiff militaristic mid-00s heatmakerz sound deserves mentioning, because its so spectacular. Probably more historically productive too. any flimsy excuse to post dipset will do tbh...
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    Most disappointing songs you've ever heard.

    both claims feel true, as the verse and chorus belong to different songs. They feel from different time and places, different temperatures, mismatched contours. The songs contains individually promising stories, but there’s no interplay. You have to chose which one to go with. its quite fucked...
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    Best songs you've ever heard?

    there's mountain of achievment and struggle between a genre pinnacle like dj SS Black, and some perfunctory attempt at jungle. "sound design and programming abilities" neither of those things will give any insight into why Black succeeds. Luka's description of physical embodiment is perfect...
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    Best songs you've ever heard?

    theres nothing really in his catalog to suggest this. idk whats behind the assumption that artists who make avant stuff can easily make amazing ultra focused genre pieces, if they simply chose to. its something you hear a lot, its probably just the opposite tho. Aphex is good at what he does/did...
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    Best songs you've ever heard?

    thats John B ffs. theres a clue, in the fact that it sounds absolutely nothing like Aphex. antithetical. also, the comments
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    Sadmanbarty's guide to Post-Grime London

    ts always looked to me like Dipset were the most shaping input for uk 2k road rap. The double time hats, triplets drums, explosions as drum patterns, pounding cymbals. Also delivery, that 07/08 blade brown, youngsta crystal meth, slow and flippant rap style, that seemed so shaped by Camron...
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    rolling back to the future garage/post-dubstep/alt-funkstep/intelli-2step etc thread

    that would make no sense to his project whatsoever. footwork is going to have deep resonance with anyone interested in, or artistically invested in, rhythmically and sonically innovative "hood" dance music (excuse dropping the h word). which was what all of hardcore, jungle, grime, and even, in...
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    rolling back to the future garage/post-dubstep/alt-funkstep/intelli-2step etc thread

    edit - just saw the bit about pioneer & lead. yeh thats a little hairy isnt it. as evidence to warrent his eternal damnation amongst nuumists, its not very convincing.
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    rolling back to the future garage/post-dubstep/alt-funkstep/intelli-2step etc thread

    do you have a link / quote to the dickish things he said? maybe that would finally illuminate why he's used as a hammer in nuum discussions. altho when i was a jungle obsessed teen i defacto hated anything that seemed a perversion of the true golden form. which made it impossible for me to...