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    hall of shame: garbled expressions

    from the warranty document of my car: "If the vehicle has been modified or changed in a manor not authorised.." with correction: "in a manner" (wankers)
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    Psychedelic Sounds of West Africa

    i saw this in a record store, it's sleeve is pretty bizarre, some surfer girl against a blue tinted sleeve. looks more like one of those psych-punk records than your regular african reissue. and i heard it too! not entirely blown away, but a few good tracks. thanks for offering it up here soofi.
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    Record design auteurism

    that julian house bloke, especially the bbc peel sessions one he did....
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    The Big Hello Thread

    hi i'm john bitumen and i'm a used car salesman from slough my blog is here: tar but i havent written much there yet
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    The Kinks

    glad i'm not alone here hmgovt. the casting is exquisite too.
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    Wow. Gee. Thanks for that. Maybe we should register:
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    reading list ideas

    coo. thanks for these infinite thought. if i get half an hour one day (please lord!) i shall investigate with relish. theory - it's pretty cool innit.
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    The Kinks

    I LOVE The Kinks. I love that "Picture Book" track that gets used in that HP advert. Actually i love the HP advert too (So what?!? I respond to it. I'm not a bit of meat circulating the planet in a tin can) I love "Stop Your Sobbing" I love "Victoria" Weren't The Kinks one of Lester's...
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    Black Dog Rarities

    spill the beans. as politically as you can ;)
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    what did you listen to today?

    hand on the plow holiday the vybe: groove chronicles the flamingoes: i only have eyes for you Gather In The Mushrooms: The British Acid Folk Underground 1968-1974 own compilation of non-spaghetti western morricone soundtracks against own volition: rod stewart lambchop
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    yeah i ought to try that ;)
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    Bad Taste and the "Sublime" in Music

    its a interesting topic for sure. you can break bad taste down along two separate lines. there's bad taste as prescribed by the default middle-class position (which as dominic correctly observes is your heavy metal/gabba axis) then there's the cross-the-board bad taste (highlighted here by...
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    i was really surprised about that site. i guess i'm just amazed that people will ascribe the most heinous conspiracy theories to microsoft, and yet when it comes to google (perhaps by virtue of their ultra plain frontpage and them using keyword like "no suits") we're dedicated to the belief that...
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    Google these cats are up to some evil stuff. gmail sounds like a terrible idea! apparently they're going to rifle through your emails for commercially useful information. the cunts. also the sheer horror and revolt i felt at the claims on their masthead. "we dont wear suits" so...
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    Happy Hardcore on Eruption FM

    where i live you can pick up all the london stations and quite a few suburban ones. ardkore is very definitely a staple...........still