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    audible seams in deliberate reaction to the Xanax Zone

    Interesting that before sedatives and sadness took a hold, the idea of "machine with a voice" was essentially a party favour and no more.. There's examples of where the outlandishness of the sound was simply funny
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    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    Absolutely. When "When Vultures Cry" leaked, everyone was thinking it was a jail-phone recording, but it seems to not be the case? One of the weirdest and most original beats / styles I've heard in a minute. So funny watching him interact with his neighbours too.
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    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    (jump to 2:20)
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    The uncoolest, low-brow cheap thrill

    funky funky beat.
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    Dancehall Autopsy

    Well that further muddies the waters:
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    childhood synth nostalgia feels.

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    Rap 2017

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    Rap 2016

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    Big names in mastering

    Guy at The Exchange