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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea (showing on Mubi UK) - gut-punching movie with a very unconventional head of local police set in a smalltown backwater in Greece. Peter Bradshaw did not like it much though
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    The future is alive and well

    "I want the future now, I want to see it on the screen" (Peter Hammill, 1978). The Drone Racing League - there's no way this could have happened (well maybe by US Mil?) a decade ago. Looks like a live version of Wipeout (PS1 game, since seen elsewhere). There was a 3-4 minute thing on BBC...
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    The Durutti Colum, not "Duratti". Thank you, the Internet Spelling Police
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    True Detective

    Agreed on acting. I blame Leonard Cohen for many things, but not the failure of TD S02. Intro music was OK for this (big name actors, big name music - could have been much worse).
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    what are you reading now?

    I got an Andrew Vachss book ("Down in the Zero",number 7 in his Burke series) as a xmas gift many years ago. Finished it and I was not that impressed with DitZ, but impressed enough to go back to number one ("Flood", 1985) in his series "centered on a man named Burke and his battle against child...
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    well since we have no big bait section it will be allowed - that's the worm to use when going for the really big fish.
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    True Detective

    Second that on second series being shit, it could have been good but this was just calamity of clichés. Cops with issues, death wishes being fullfilled, cabal of corrupt and powerful people doing orgies, stupid ending (final frames felt like a bad episode of Homeland), no McConaughey to carry it...
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    films you've seen recently and would NOT recommend

    Behind the Candelabra - a glorious waste of money and talent. I guess this might count as challenging or whatever in Hollywood. Strip away the camp and glitter and the fake tan and it's just a poor soap opera not very well told. The Telegraph gave it 5 stars? "...
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    True Detective

    It is indeed. Watched the first series now and although the serial killer plot is a bit boring by now (as has been been pointed out by someone else already in this thread) I did like it quite a lot in the end. I didn't rate it when I had just finished it, but there are several good reasons to...
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    what you currently enjoying ?

    couple of new albums from my necks of the wood on heavy rotation in Spotify at the moment: Norwegian Jenny Hval's " Apocalypse, girl". "Soft dick rock" as she calls it, for fans of Annette Peacock and Laurie Anderson Finland's "best of 80s" Jaakko Eino Kalevi's (sort of debut) album (same title)
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    Day Trips from London

    Did you go to Derek Jarman's garden? Seen in on telly and it comes up every so often in the papers. Always been keen to go down there for a day.
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    Day Trips from London

    Broadstairs just "marginally nicer" than Margate (and Ramsgate)? I've stayed for long periods in all those towns (some years ago though) and my rating would be 1. Broadstairs 2.Deal 3.Ramsgate/Margate. Why Broadstairs? Well there's the beaches, Dickens's Bleak House, Morelli's gelato...
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    Portable hard drive suggestions?

    depending on the value of what you store and the size of your laptop's drive. A) consider setting up Time Machine B) consider getting a second portable drive. Time Machine can use two drives so you can back up to the second drive say once/twice a week and store it at different location (I store...
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    what are you reading now?

    Just finished VS Naipuls "In a Free State", overlong car-journey compared to the tighter and better "A bend in the river". Now on to "Red Harvest", Dashiell Hammett. I read Hammett when I was in my teens-twenties and missed out on this one back...
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    Portable hard drive suggestions?

    Been running backups to various 1 and 2TB WD (MyPassport Ultra and Air) and Sony 1TB (HD-E1) USB3 drives for the last two-three years and experienced no major problems so far. Don't install whatever software comes with the drives. There are problems with Macbooks and USB ports/drives (several...