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    Kava Kava

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    Kava Kava

    Tastes a bit like muddy water. Low-grade kind of buzz, suitable for sitting about and drifting. Readily available from your local dairy, if you live in NZ.
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    Kate Bush: The Whole Story - VHS Cover Scan?

    Does anyone out there happen to have a copy of Kate Bush: The Whole Story on VHS? And, if so, would you be prepared to scan the cover for me? I have damaged my copy and I would like to restore it as best I can... Let me know if we can come to some kind of arrangement.
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    how do you open your own shop?

    If you're doing it the sensible sort of way, figure out what it's going to cost you to run things for a year (rent, power, taxes, fitout, accountants and lawyers, etc etc). Quadruple this sum, find a way to get it, then go. If the idea's good enough to last four years, it's probably good for...
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    Stockhausen Documentary

    On Radio NZ Concert right now... Three-part series, available for download afterwards. Hosted by Robin Maconie.
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    polyani-great transformation

    i can dig it.
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    Three options I reckon: 1. Avoid team gear completely. Wear plain gear in suitable colours from Rapha, Castelli, Giordana, etc. etc. 2. Go all out. Pick a team with a strikingly naff strip and own it completely. Like full Mapei... 3. Wear whatever the hell you want and tear the legs off...
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    why is there no wikileaks thread?

    ^^^ damnit Also - And -
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    why is there no wikileaks thread?

    This post is good - links to this one -
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    An SF Book I Can't Remember

    There's this book in which the characters reach an alternative dimension by parachuting from a plane flown over the sea, at precisely the height at which the motion of the waves becomes invisible. They are then (I think) able to alter the reality they've left behind - somehow. I think about...
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    RIP Tony Curtis

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    Bill Wyman Signature Metal Detector I think this is quite nice.
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    PC Speakers

    Maybe a pair of these with a Mission Cyrus One (second-hand)? depends on the $$$...
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    ...and James Kelman has at least one book of essays that I've been meaning to get around to.
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    Joan Didion writes great essays.