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    what are you reading now?

    Ages ago - I remember dry gagging at a bit . It was one of those trangressive-y things that came out on Creation Books in the early 2000s...bit more gross than The Woman In White...
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    COINBASE for Crypto has come

    @Clinamenic Jasper just called from Singapore - what's your price prediction for ALGO?
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    what are you reading now?

    Not sure about these days, but this one's from 1841. But set in 1665-1666, lol. I'm not aware of any of this stuff being done now, I guess it'd be a bit too knowing? (and invariably crap?) Though highwayman romances are apparently still big sellers.
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    what are you reading now?

    Basically melodramatic Victorian pulp about highwaymen, housebreakers, master criminals, etc, getting up to no good. Usually end with the anti-hero being carted off to Newgate Prison or hanged by the neck, while his love interest cries out and drops dead of the vapours. It's a funny book, he...
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    An Irish Airman Foresees His Death, but it's not very long. I'm good with old phone numbers, which is weird cos I'm shit at maths. But maybe not so weird as if you forgot them, pre-internet, you were screwed. I get fake memories of objects, though... like I'll remember some album or book cover...
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    what are you reading now?

    William Ainsworth “Old St Paul’s: A Tale Of Plague And Fire” (1841) Obviously a fair deal of research went into this, but what’s great is the author decided to chuck in a completely bonkers Gothic/Newgate-novel plot with trapdoors, religious maniacs, highwaymen, swooning maidens, quack doctors...
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    Educate Spendy on the ghost of Dissensus past

    Spotted Elizabeth Bathory, Patti Smith, Bernard Manning, Paris Hilton and one of Toccowich's nutty police state cartoons, then my eyeballs shot out across the room.
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    Peasant food

    I was in the St Pauli bit of Hamburg, where it's all (A) flags and GEGEN RECHTS stickers and Antifa graffiti and Che stencils, and they were all standing there waiting for the red light to change, no car in sight. Also, what sort of diseased nation produces this as a dessert?
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    Bitchin Images

    Even Scientist got in on the act (LP's not very good) Even Red Action would have to admit, a nationalist skinhead running through flames, pursued by a viking, a dragon and the Grim Reaper, looks more fun than your average Oi Polloi LP cover
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    Tony Blair.

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    New Cross Culture Mafia

    Pandemic, poesis and praxis: mapping an urban cuntology for COVID The logos of AIDS in the post-Fordist sphere demanded the transmutation of sexuality to decay. However, all sexuality is inherently in a state of decay. COVID offers a true form of sexual liberation for the polymorphous...
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    Not me earlier in the thread, my account was hacked.
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    The Panto

    The only one I remember going to was a pirate one (Treasure Island?) and the pirates had massive scimitars made out of baking foil and there was a parrot puppet. They were singling out kids in the audience and making jokes about them, and I probably felt mortified and went dead shy. Apart from...
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    What's In BoxedJoys Takeaway?

    Been spared ear hair for now (need something to look forward to when I hit 50) but I've been getting rogue 'spider leg' eyebrow hairs for the past couple of years. Not so bad with the nose hair, but I do stick scissors up my nostrils for a quick snip every now and then.
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    Wuhan Killer Sneeze (thanks Tea)

    Not sure about astroturfed (could be, who knows...) but yeah, way too much info. I just got mine because I didn't want to end up on a ventilator. Do I get some sort of old school kudos if I dig up my tetanus and BCG dates too?