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    Choon of the Day

    A reminder to listen to this later. But if you have time, (the great defeater of now) do it now. Ebo Taylor - Love and Death (Full Album)
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    songs with the same title that could not be further from each other (but which aren't cover versions of the same song)

    Danyel Gérard - Butterfly (1971) Carl Craig - Butterfly I have a soft spot for them both,
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    Everyone over 30 is racist

    Out of curiosity any non-white people on Dissensus? I can only think of @thirdform, @catalog and me atm who are active
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    Choon of the Day

    Sister Rosetta Tharpe- "Didn't It Rain?" Live 1964 (Reelin' In The Years Archive) Now that's an entrance, non of this walking in and sitting on a chair to sing. No microphone either. "the angel's got the key and you can't come in" would make a great darkside jungle sample
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    80's R'n'B/Electro-soul

    Chaz Jankel Featuring Brenda Jones - You're My Occupation (12" Extended 1986) Another cracking bass led intro
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    80's R'n'B/Electro-soul

    Lisa - So In Love With You (12" Extended Dance Mix 1986) Massive vocal on the intro and then that bassline...then that synth line at 0:51 seems to familiar from another tune I that I can't recall at the moment.
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    The Depths

    @pattycakes_ you started this thread with an excellent rendition of the Malkauns by Pandit Pran Nath. Here's another take by female classical vocalist Malini Rajurkar - What a voice! Tho' PPN version (darker, more ominous) seems more late night listening ie when this raag is supposed to be...
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    80's R'n'B/Electro-soul

    Oh and this @craner - love this tune Paul Laurence - Strung Out
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    80's R'n'B/Electro-soul

    @craner please add this to your playlist Paul Laurence - There ain't nothing like it
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    Good bridges (physical, musical, other) and underpasses

    Apols if already posted. Watched this the other night and reminded me of this thread. 21 Bridges
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    DJ Jihad approached prayers with a mind befogged, tomorrow evening, some time after 8 PM

    @thirdform. Wow. Was listening and following the comments till about 12 then the jungle when to pitched up acid. Closed my eyes and just pure vibes on my headphones, havn't felt that kind of energy for ages, like an awakening, as I've not listened to a lot of music recently. And that rewind at...
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    Good bridges (physical, musical, other) and underpasses

    musical one Bridge - Baby Don't Hold Your Love Back
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    Choon of the Day

    I love TSOP soul/disco, so many good tunes and lush arrangements
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    Best UK rap long forms

    Lewis Parker - Masquerades & Sillhouettes Lewis Parker It's All Happening Now Black Twang - 19 Long Time
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    UK Soul : Soundsystem Classics

    Samantha Carty - Tell Me - and another, yeah as william_kent mentioned the cross over with Lovers Rock is strong. Hold tight Kofi.