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    live either today or tomorrow

    Tuned i late. Third Form is annihilating rhythm. Killer session.
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    Deep House and Garage

    Looking at the label again, T D'Arby is credited, maybe as co-producer - dunno really
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    Deep House and Garage

    feeling it, house blues. Hollis P. Monroe - I´m Lonely (Original Mix) From the comments - 'That's Terrence Trent D'arby on the vocals' if it is, he should more vocal house
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    lovers jungle

    Top thread. Most of the the tracks from this compilation would fit. eg
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    What Is Your Current Vibrational Frequency?

    Angsty, restless, pent up energy like the flow is blocked but at the same time a feel of low energy. No lifeforce or motivation to do much apart from the minimum to get by. Sit down and try to focus for fifteen minutes and I’m up of by seven. Bluey grey hue tinge. Wistful. A sense of age.
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    Adverts Music

    Apparently, no computer graphics in this advert for the Honda Accord. Almost AMSR to start with, then the drop. love the way the speakers are vibing.
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    UK Soul : Soundsystem Classics

    A couple of tasty mixes covering some of the tunes in this thread. Manchester 90's Street Soul Mix V1 and V2
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    Cover versions that you prefer to the original

    The Shadows v Incredible Bongo Band Obvious, yet epic
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    Arthur Jafa

    Need to go through this thread. Jafa's an interesting chap it seems
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    Music documentaries

    Everybody In The Place - An Incomplete History of Britain 1984 -1992 by Jeremy Deller Will watch it all later, only had a skip through but looks interesting. @william_kent @catalog Soul Control [MCR] at 17:20
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    He has this sort of idea in Ubik too, where you can't open your apartment door without paying, your own coffee machine needing payment and machines rejecting his money as it's from the wrong 'time' - can't say much more without spoilers. Further compounded with Joe Chip being constantly skint...
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    Most underrated LP/albums ever

    Cymande are the goto Black British afro rock/soul/crossover group. A couple of years before them (1970) Demon Fuzz came out with the genre mashing Afreaka! So so good.
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    I read Valis a few months ago - an account of mental breakdown and/or enlightenment - I'm still not sure which, damn sad in places. I am reading Ubik atm, about half way in and the timeshift is a bit wierd, coins from the past, stale cigarettes etc. And those adverts at the start of each...
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    Deep House and Garage

    ^^ Indeed Mr WYH's. RT could easily have his own thread. Todd might be God, but Ron's the Don, like you say over so many years his quality has been right up there
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    UK Soul : Soundsystem Classics

    Toyin Agbetu (mentioned in the NTS link and upthread) all over this UK streetsoul Shades of Black - Just A Little Bit Wonder if he still producing music.. edit [it appears he is discogs ]