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    The Genius of Gurley

    anyone know where he is now? I tried to track him down about 12-13 yrs ago.
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    Pitchfork's The Best Music of the 2010s

    A significant issue these days is everyone reads different things, often relating to their 'own' areas. So there is even less chance for consensus to form. I kind of think decades are bullshit as a cultural construct, but it's undeniable that the 2010s saw most 'normal' people go from owning...
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    New weird britain

    Fingers crossed they find Simon, unique and urgent voice.
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    why is ambient so popular now

    Very interesting thread peoples Just to jump back on that question of why ambient has become so popular now Firstly, the rise of internet radio, which prioritises the drift of the mix and the curation of the DJ, as opposed to the stop-start quality of conventional broadcasting and its...
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    The first Ed Rush I ever heard
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    Do You Like Steely Dan?

    I logged in purely to vote in this poll.
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    John Eden - Wire 400 Mix

    Thanks so much for doing it! Always a pleasure John. As I was mentioning to you, I think the Answer mix was the first thing I ever played in the office, so it feels nice to return the favour (or get another favour, maybe...)
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    favourite wiley non-sequiturs

    "Electrician, see me cut wires... I cut wires with red handed pliers" from that Wiley + Slimzee set on Rinse from 2016
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    Wiley - Godfather

    Wiley Guardian piece not only written by former Dissensus alumni, but edited by one who works on Long Read at the paper too...
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    That's good to hear and the ideal people to do it. Will definitely spread the word about that.
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    RIP Mark, you will be missed. It is good to read such personal and heartfelt memories on this thread. I think that would be a great idea, and I'm sure the charity idea would be one deeply appreciated by his family.
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    A Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions (or random events that changed music)

    Nomos – that DJ/looting one is a cracking theory!
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    A Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions (or random events that changed music)

    There are several things that might have been crucial in the Sun Ra story – and I suppose the testicle could have been important in more than one way! Firstly, he seems to have had relatively little sexual intimacy in his life, and you could certainly read that as somehow connected with the...
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    A Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions (or random events that changed music)

    Top thread Some of these 'meeting someone at a gig' ones are slippery though - meeting new people in public by necessity has a random element to it, and we'll never know what might have happened if they didn't meet that person, and instead met someone else I'm going to throw in Omar...
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    Anyone want this massive organ