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    RIP Vangelis

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    Electronic Body Music

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    Decent house/electronic remixes of major label singles

    i see hex hector is already posted in the 'bad' category this one still does it for me though
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    Gen Z junglizm

    this one coulda fooled me
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    Gen Z junglizm

    sewerslvt fits here i think. seems to borrow from all sorts of genres in typical maximalist "internet music" fashion.
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    his name is al-kat abu abdulah القط ابوعبدالله

    is this the right thread for anyone know more like? it's a mad one
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    How has burial dated for you?

    it really does dip into jesus christ superstar territory there at the end haha
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    Twees're Good (except they're not)

    luka with the 8 year callout!! trying to figure if I should feel affronted or not. was I really alt right then? am I alt right now? these are confusing times.
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    How has burial dated for you?

    too true. all that ironically detached nonsense can fuck right off.
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    Jackin' / Electroline

    what's the tune with the lyrics "I made a big mistake honey" and the Show Me Love-style synth? I think it might be by Cause & Affect but I haven't been able to find any info.
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    download please
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    What's your favourite album ever?

    scott 4
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    tbf that is pretty bangin' :D
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    Comin in with the mix and blend

    have ill blu put anything out recently? funkystepz seem to have slowed down as well
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    'what type of music do you like?'

    i say i like club bangerz then try and build some common ground via modern dancehall, r'n'b, trap, etc or more easily digestable house usually i just change the topic though