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    Great 2 Step?

    I guess EC2A and South London Press are key nodes in underground UKG now, maybe GD4YA. The all vinyl no digi thing is a bit wearing though.
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    MIX: Grievous Angel & John Eden present: Lovers Rock

    I still have the files for a volume 3. Note quite up to vol1 and 2 but not bad. Big backlog to get through before that though.
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    Funky/London/UK House

    This is brilliant, thanks Benny! Really primal, basic beats, love it! Love the Southend references :) where does Live broadcast from?
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    New mix of MC Garage

    I wanted to do a mix of rough as fuck MC-driven garage... the stuff that flowed from UK fast chat and US hiphop and eventually filtered into grime in 2002. And here it is - a new year's present for you. It is here. Tracklisting: Digital...
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    4x4 Heaven Volume 2

    This is a 4x4 garage mix I did in the summer and put up on Twitter but not here yet... people seem to like it, full of great twisted jacking deep 4x4 garage tunes. Worth the download just to hear the first one from Madie Myles, absolute ecstasy... Here...
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    Grievous Angel Mix of Future Garage

    Hi. I've done a mix of future garage, for the Fundamental Garage blog. I did an interview with them a few weeks ago and this mix goes with it. You can get the mix here: I had a blast doing this mix. Starts quite bouncy then, goes a bit...
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    Minds Locked Together: A great film about raving with a Grievous Angel soundtrack

    Shaun Bloodworth is a well known and excellent photographer who is best known in music circles for his portrait work for Rinse. Those amazing pictures of people like Geeneus, Chef, Skream etc? They’re by Shaun. He did the Margins Music album cover too. So he’s a badman basically. Plus, for this...
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    2Step Heaven Volume 2

    Thanks everyone! Boob tube indeed :) benny, if you like the first one you should check out garage tape 2000 and abstrack 2step... If you haven't already... Soon come another bumpin' 4x4 garage mix...
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    2Step Heaven Volume 2

    New mix of classic 2step is now out! Been waiting for the warm weather to come back. It's hot today so it's now OUT. Music to play in your car. It's here. All vinyl, one edit. More mixes here. Tracklisting: Groove Chronicles: Life is what you make it (DPR 1998) El B Feat Reis and Dee...
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    Move Down Low VIP - out now on Soul Jazz

    Yeah, there'll be more bubblez. Mainly keeping it for refixes. There's a bunch of bubblez bits floating about. Refix of maze's joy and pain, soundclash funky remix, remix of simpleton's weh dem hear bout on the bogle riddim, refix of ashanti's still on it... Trying to make the production a lot...
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    MCR June 11 Dusk and Blackdown with me, Starkey, Durrty Goodz!

    I am playing in Manchester on Friday 11th at Band on the Wall. The line up is AMAZING! Dusk and Blackdown playing Margin's Music live - I remixed the album, got them into Ableton, now they're playing it out! But with a massive twist - they've got a whole live band too, including Farah...
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    Move Down Low VIP - out now on Soul Jazz

    Thanks matt! Big thing for me :)
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    Move Down Low VIP - out now on Soul Jazz

    Yeah it's quite funny. that was a bit of a silly spat. But I was in favour of soul jazz back then and I think they've shown excellent taste and curatorial skill. So I'm really delighted they signed me :)
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    Funky/London/UK House

    Digital only right now. Vinyl release on Fortified in September. Just heard about that - really pleased!
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    Move Down Low VIP - out now on Soul Jazz

    Yeah, would've been nothing without rubi's lyric! Hooking up with him was best thing I ever did...