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    UK Soul : Soundsystem Classics

    Not heard all of those B Diddley. After 7. Damn. Thanks. Leta Davis: Deluxe: Obvious, but if you haven't seen it: Maxeen:
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    hardcore classics

    Found one of the records by Codine on SUAD today. I am wondering if anyone knows much about these guys. The suad website gives: "These were two 19 year olds from Essex. The Release Dream Sequence/Prologue SUAD18. This is the first track that Smiley and PJ did not produce. " Can't find a thing...
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    rolling back to the future garage/post-dubstep/alt-funkstep/intelli-2step etc thread

    What is this in the bok bok mix: 10 – JAM CITY – Her [BB Dubplate mix] (Night Slugs) ?! Could be 'Her [Bloody Fist mix]' . . . Is this dubplate only? Will bother to check the Jam City album when it comes having heard this.
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    london this week(end)

    Thanks dude.
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    london this week(end)

    London, in the next few weeks Seems like the right thread . . . I'm going to be in London for a week from the 6th of next month, would anyone be able to recommend anything that's going on or maybe even somewhere to look for what's going on. Reggae dances would be of particular interest. I've...
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    Sonic Lectures @Centrum Berlin - Musos wanted

    Cool. Will have a think. Just made the move to Berlin, so I will at least attend! Is the Centrum blog the best way to hear of what you get up to?
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    2-step pirate radio

    anyone get back to you on that clip you put up?
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    Actress / Nail the cross

    Saw Paradox about this time last year, and he played live off of Octamed and a synth through a desk. Nuts/. Actress... Haven't quite understood the hype, I like the album, but it's not doing that much for me as of yet. I'd be interested to read The Wire's justification for it being #1, if...
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    thanks to those for the perlon link. To chime in to the discussion: I did this mix a while back, shackleton throughout the first half and a bunch of other stuff. Threw his records in amongst some of what he reminded me of... SIDE ONE 1080 6IX - ? (?) Esplendor Geométrico - Transmisión (1988)...
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    I've got the farewell mix from the 26th of August, what's the Perlon Mix? Are there any others about that are essential?
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    Not quite sure where to post this (minimal dnb thread?), but Reinforced Records have announced on fb that they are releasing Enforcers 15 & 16. It seems that the cat# RIVET200 has been made use of after all, despite it being passed over in 2003. That's the first Enforcers release in about 10...
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    ha! brilliant. @ Dr Awesome. Quite like the self made covers. They're always sketchy, but with an odd character. Burial, of course, did his own. Pev's LP had that feel to it, but not sure if it's the case.
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    well, uh, I can't wait, if it is coming. ta.
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    Someone in the Coki album thread on dsf mentioned a Loefah cassette coming with preorders at Redeye. Wtf? Is this real?
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    hardcore classics

    Came across this too, not a bad little list to pick at with youtube for the ones that aren't familiar.