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    Parasite (2019) SPOILERS INEVITABLE

    many korean films that arent ultra violent revenge thrillers. many good ones that are though. parasite was good, but One Could Say that it presented the poor family in an unfavourable light. not saying they should be saintlike or over loveable and flawless, but theyre not presented as being...
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    LL Cool J

    deepest bluest, my head is like a sharks fin. LL did some weird stuff with his voice and flow in the later years. i liked the loverman songs in this period best. e.g. doin it, loungin, hey lover. obv 4321 and i shot ya were bangers, but more cos of the beats/guests/hooks than LL's own verses...
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    rolling tv thread

    i was going to watch it as ive a soft spot for john cho but i spend more time curating my netflix watch list than watching netflix at the mo.
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    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    no, im totally out of the loop as far as the local essex paper news cycle. good times though.
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    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    yes thanks for writing it down. i usually just put dad bod. i dont like conical though. prefer slightly protruding.
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    Film - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    reggie yates' y2k uk garage film looks quite lightweight tbh.
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    Choon of the Week

    listening to decade old indie on 6 music (mary anne hobbs) cos im comfortbale with my status as a middle aged formerly semi hip music listener. classics of tomorrow right there.
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    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    not listened to it but its nice to see my body shape represented by modern rappers.
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    The hip hop never ever ever stops thread

    great artwork. i love it.
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    Catalog's hip hop journey

    honestly theres little id call conservative or trad about some of the rap that now gets played in the DAYTIME on radio one. e.g. banger IMO.
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    Catalog's hip hop journey

    people just like a noise on in the background. helps get rid of their own thoughts. sometimes it can help them understand their own thoughts. sometimes it can make them think someone elses thoughts of a different background are the same as their own and they will be astonished at this leap of...
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    Optimal listening conditions

    something about seeing it through other peoples eyes/ears. like i remember hearing the lox at a westwood stage at carnival and seeing a group of young guys/teenagers sort of moshing and just going nuts to wile out (i think). changed how i thought of that song. also seeing certain songs with...
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    What's your favourite Adele song?

    winehouse was a brilliant songwriter so tbh it doesnt really matter that much what happens to her voice.