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    SEA SHANTIES - breaking news, gossip, piracy, pressgangings, etc.
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    Pa Salieu

    mental how quick things move nowadays
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    A Brooklyn Culture Mafia

    not really enjoying the vivid mental imagery that wiki has created. I mean even eating bread soaked in water would be vile.
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    Music you are prejudiced against

    This will change your mind
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    How England Sees Itself

    I remember going to some summer school and this kid had a blazer with his family crest on it
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    Choon of the Week

    already posted this in new rap, it's totally lodged in my head. Love how the flute is slightly strained.
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    sakamoto recommendations

    you can rent it on Amazon or Youtube, it's something I've been meaning to watch for ages
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    Road Rap

    not a patch on the original really, Kano's so good on it
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    Marvel Films

    I like to think I'm tired of these films but nursing a pretty bad hangover and all I want to do is curl up and watch some superheroes
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    Keir Starmer

    I've been assuming they've decided it might be seen in poor taste to attack the tories too vigorously in the middle of all this, they'll be calling for inquiries once it's all over I imagine.
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    Posse cuts/all-star joints

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    Road Rap

    someone done him a highlight reel I like the singing bits
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    Road Rap

    That Billy Billions guy talks reckless, has he got any good tunes?
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    Marvel Films They are hammering it a bit aren't they? People are going to lose interest at some point surely
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    New Rap