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    Humanitarianism - moral dilemmas of action

    Most humanitarian organizations are indeed keenly aware of the moral dilemmas of their operations and the pitfalls of the “humanitarian imperative”. Mary Anderson warns, however, that “it is a moral and logical fallacy to conclude that because aid can do harm, the decision not to give aid would...
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    PERMACULTURE: Life After Peak Oil

    We are witnessing an exponential growth in the human population globally and at the same time a steady reduction in the availability and quality of productive land. The so-called 'Green Revolution' is an unsustainable disaster. Large-scale agriculture today is built on mono-cropping which...
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    Evolutionary Economics

    Very interested to hear anyone's thoughts on the field of evolutionary economics. In particular the use of complexity theory and systems analysis: 'Complexity economics is the application of complexity science to the problems of economics. This new mode of economic thought rejects traditional...
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    What's Left? - How the left lost its way.

    From Nick Cohen's brilliant new book: and; His point: the current lack of conviction in any ideal - amongst the contemporary left - is demonstrated by a cultural relativism which justifies/turns a blind eye to all manner of persecution and oppression in other parts of the world on the basis...
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    If not capitalism then what exactly?

    This is my first contribution to dissensus but I have been following the debates on some recently posted threads and it seems that capitalism and economic globalisation cop some quite astounding criticism. I am interested to hear what, exactly, do y'all (amongst the anti-globalist/capitalist...