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    Universally agreed terrible film(s)

    The live-action Ghost in the Shell is surely down there. Even setting aside the casting of Scarlett Johansson, it's just such a terrible film by any standard - or at least it was for the 30 minutes I saw before I had to turn it off.
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    New Dancehall

    Yeah a real disappointment, the beat isn't up to much. Not drill-related but this is better.
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    New Dancehall

    Ladies Edition is relentless in this respect and that's part of why it's the weaker tape for me. Still some good tracks on there, and I have a lot of love for Choppa Gyal even if that feels a bit more trap than dancehall, and generally when the balance tips too far that way, that's when...
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    New Dancehall

    Also about the drill x dancehall thing, it seems Unknown T (and maybe some people in 98s?) have done a tune with Skillibeng - he was in Jamaica shooting a video with Skillibeng about a month ago. Drill rappers have been referencing Skillibeng since about late last year so kind of felt like...
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    New Dancehall

    Was planning to throw a bunch of tunes in this thread earlier in the week but didn't get round to it. This thread basically set my musical direction this year so need to give something back although some of the things I had in mind to share have been posted since. Anyway:
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    Games People Play

    Version's "revealing the map"
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    UK Soul : Soundsystem Classics

    Youtube-dl is the one if you don't mind the fact it's not 100% user friendly.
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    Best UK rap long forms

    The new Carns Hill album Founding Father is solid throughout but I'd say that's pretty rare for UK drill.
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    My 1001 song playlist. Just for you London (and surrounding counties)

    I was trying to track this down to share it with someone and now YouTube says it doesn't exist. What happened?
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    youtube forcing japanese music down your throat

    Is Craner into City Pop? It feels like he should be.
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    Gems from Grime's 'mixtape' years

    This has maybe changed a bit with Fumez's Plugged In series, although I think the motivation for that is less about showing the "audio kit" than drawing attention away from reaction vids with the way it cuts to Fumez's reactions (incidentally, I often think he looks disappointed/underwhelmed...
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    paramilitary fashion - rant

    I don't think many people are dressing like that casually, it's more for Instagram - it's basically cosplay, really. Insofar as techwear is militaristic, and it definitely is to an extent, it's not to that much more of a degree than something like say Maharishi. Then if you look at something...
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    Terminator Is Out There

    His hair caught fire while filming an advert for them.
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    Road Rap

    Wow, you absolutely destroyed me there Version! There's still plenty of that sound knocking about, but I do feel things have evolved in a different direction in the last year or so - bouncier, more agile drums, more vocal-like synth sounds. I wonder if the reason the sound you talk about still...
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    The Meaning of Japan

    Pre-COVID so many people were coming to Japan on holiday and I wonder how that has changed perceptions (most tourists were Chinese and Korea, but the number of people from Europe and the US went up a lot too). If I had to guess, food would be a big area - actually going to an izakaya, having...
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    Road Rap

    Bonus Brooklyn track:
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    Road Rap

    Best UK drill tunes of 2020 according to me (no particular order, probably forgotten some tracks): Feel like this is a slightly "anti-Barty" selection, but maybe that's just me. Like, I don't feel they really match this description:
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    why is ambient so popular now

    Re: Luka's point, did someone post this meme in here yet?
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    Heard this one at a festival last weekend. I've also fallen out of touch with gqom/SA house but this kind of makes me want to get back into it.
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    Zoomer Cult

    Japan has been stuck with deflation/extremely low inflation for decades. You could go away for years and come back to find most things costs the same as they did. Probably the more apt comparison is the precariousness of work - after the bubble burst a lot of people could only get temporary...