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    The Pirate's Dilemma

    I’ve thrown a six-minute sample of my stump speech up on slideshare as a slidecast. You can watch the whole thing here. If you like the music bed I made for it, that’s also available here for download under a Creative Commons license.
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    Scuse me mate, have you got that one that goes nah nah nuh nah nah nuh nah?!?

    I thought everybody on Dissensus probably had at least one record in the back of their head that they've never found - You know, that track you hear three times in the same rave and then never again. I thought there must be some good stories. I've been tormented since 2004 by a funky house track...
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    Giant Lego man washes up on beach

    Is it possible he evolved from a lego fish and crawled out of the sea?
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    Hound of the Baskervilles Discovered!!!

    There can be no doubt...
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    New Building Just Went Up at Area 51

    From July 19, 2007 Something big is in the works at Nevada's legendary Area 51 military base. A massive new building is under construction at the top secret location. Aviation experts say there's a good chance that a new, highly classified...
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    Chinese Loch Ness Monster Discovered!!!

    At last! Conclusive proof...
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    Cloverfield - JJ Abrams

    Everyone I know who saw Transformers this week is asking the same question: What the hell was that crazy trailer with no name at the beginning? For those who haven't seen it, you can watch it here but I would wait to see it in the theater. It's probably the scariest/best trailer I've ever...
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    Virtual haircut

    Use headphones...
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    The End of Blair

    So it's done. What next? Is Brown going to shake things up, especially considering US environmental policy and the fact that half of England appears to have drowned this week. What of the wars? For me Brown is a bit of a unknown quantity, he could surprise his country and do what they hated...
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    Loch Ness Monster Discovered!
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    Super Earth: Dissensus Decides

    So, they found a new Earth 5 times the size of ours that could harbor life. Two things are immediately obvious. 1 - We'll probably go there someday soon and 2. Only the members of Dissensus collectively have the wisdom to work out the best...
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    The Titanic: What Really Happened

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    Grand Theft Auto Iv

    The trailer for this is dropping later today, you can watch it here in about 8 hours: Are there any other GTA addicts on Dissensus? I've been disappointed with the last two PSP efforts, and am hoping this will restore my faith in the franchise before I dump it...
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    Woebot on funky house

    Thought this post on funky house, a genre that has proved to be hard for people (me included) to write about convincingly, was great: C'mon - seriously, it's much more fun than dubstep... (and ammunition haven't taken it over yet)
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    Could Google be God?

    I just read The Last Question, a short story by Asimov, for the first time. He considered it his best piece of work, I can see why (you can too - it's up here: It raised a lot of interesting questions, which are so interesting, I'm still not entirely...
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    Bushes and Condi get crunk

    Those Bushes do love them some Gasolina...
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    Can you smell impeachment?

    There is an increasing amount of chatter about grassroots efforts to impeach Bush and Cheney going on, this will probably be on the TV news networks non-stop by this evening. What do you guys think? Does this seem likely? Some links...
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    Double Helix Nebula Near Center of the Milky Way

    This is very cool:
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    Flying Humanoids

    I don't know what this is, but I love it.