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  1. treelethargy

    audible seams in deliberate reaction to the Xanax Zone

    - other_life, social media this is a dialectic between stimulation and boredom. what's interesting is that boredom overlapped into stimulation years ago. in spite of my lack of full reading of Mark Fisher who i evoke here with full respect, i want to use this thread to talk about the results of...
  2. treelethargy

    How a neural network is learning about news

    so there's this new neural network out, right? it generates news, but it's only learning something. so we'd like to train it in a way that it can actually know a lot more about news rather than only being able to predict headlines. It can also understand that you're telling a story which is...
  3. treelethargy

    the deep end of electroacoustics

    used the above quote in an essay on medium a while back but enough i am young and on the autistic spectrum and probably for half of this decade i've been using extreme deep ends of music to cope. rock is a scapegoat i learned from, drone and noise are basic bridges. i think the past few days...