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    Football Blogs

    I don't know of many good ones, so I started my own Tim Vickery on the BBC is reliably good, and the rest of the BBC stable usually manage to produce one or two interesting posts per week between them; but are there any other good ones out there?
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    Underneath the Bunker Anyone know who writes this? It's a fairly amusing online Borges homage involving fictitious reviews by fictitious critics of fictitious, er, fictions.
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    Infinite Jest

    I just finished this, and have predictably mixed thoughts about it. On the one hand, the prose is astonishing at times, and DFW's erudition is impressive (and even more impressively, used to the benefit of the novel, rather than as a distraction I felt), but at the same time, I was left with a...
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    Finest closing in literature

    These 'finest'/'finer' things are all a little bit Borgesian, but I couldn't resist. My personal favorite is from Richard Ford's 'Independence Day': "And I am in the crowd just as the drums are passing—always the last in line—their boom-boom-booming in my ears and all around. I see the sun...
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    New weekly politics magazine

    A friend of mine has just started a new weekly world politics magazine called eyebrow which is certainly worth taking a look at, and not just because I'm in it...
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    Hammersmith etc

    After living in Wood Green for 2.5 years, I've decided I've punished myself enough and want to move somewhere nice. I was thinking the area around Hammersmith/Brook Green/Shepherds Bush... anyone live there/lived there and have any comments? It's convenient for getting to Victoria where I work...
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    Favorite vocalist

    Would anyone else opt for Harriet Wheeler?
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    (Self-serving spam) Vote for me please...

    I'm entered in the current amazonshorts competition. If you have a moment and sufficient inclination, please have a read and vote. Unfortunately to register a vote you have to complete a quick registration, so no hard...
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    I bought this while on a recent uneventful trip to California when I wanted something to read in my hotel. I don't have any great knowledge of the graphic novel genre, and the only comic I read as a child was 'Transformers', but at least this prevents me having any snobby pretentions about the...
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    The Dark is Rising sequence

    For me, these are still the best works of Children's fiction I've ever read, and am totally shameless in going back to them time and time again even now, a decade or two after I read them for the first time. I can't really understand the esteem Philip Pullman's books are held in, especially when...
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    Lowering the tone momentarily, was anyone else shocked at quite how awful Kong was?
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    blog formatting

    If any html genius would like to take a look at the formatting of my blog and tell me why individual permalink pages are coming up with the entire contents as a huge hyperlink, that would be really appreciated. eg
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    50 documentaries ad music C4

    Anyone know what this is? It reminds me (probably deliberately) of the music for 'Arena'
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    Spooky Computer Loop

    This morning my computer started playing a ten-second spooky halloween sounding music loop for about 5 minutes, before stopping of its own accord. It was a minor key guitar arpeggio with what sounded like Gongs in the background, and was the aural equivalent of the weird video from 'Ring'. Has...
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    Odd moments you remember

    A couple of years ago I was sat waiting for a friend to have his spot on an open-mic night. Someone was on stage with an acoustic guitar and a book of chords to popular songs, murdering 'Under the Bridge'. However, he did manage to transform his ridiculous performance by having his friends in...
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    Where to live in London?

    I have to move to London in a few weeks (eek) with a new job, and know virtually nothing about which part of the city to live in. As there are so many londoners here I thought I'd ask for suggestions of zone 2 areas of london where 1 bedroom flat rentals are about £600-650 a month, and which are...
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    The Last Temptation of Christ

    I finally saw The Last Temptation of Christ when it was on Channel Four last week, and found it very moving. In fact I couldn't understand why the Christian reaction to it had been so vehemently opposed. Holding my hands up as a lapsed Catholic, even to me the notion of a human Christ, who...
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    Favorite Requiem

    For me it has to be Faure. It lacks the fire and brimstone bombast of some of the other biggies (Mr. Verdi I am looking at you) but for me is probably the most beautiful 30 minutes of music I have ever heard.
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    The Killers

    I know my ex girlfriend likes them, so is this the only reason I think they sound like Shed 7?
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    Belle de jour

    From what I remember of the blog, and the bits and pieces included in the reviews I read over the weekend, I can't help but think that the whole project just feels like fiction. Maybe having spent so much time obsessing over writing some myself, I'm seeing artifice where there isn't any; but to...