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  1. computer_rock

    Classic House

    dunno about too loud but the kick drum dropping out whenever the bassline comes in is making my head spin a bit
  2. computer_rock

    Euro 2012

    unnecessary personal rant about not getting picked which completely obscures the issue. nice work sol. anyway. england struggle in the group and get stomped by spain in the next round, obviously. fantasy football here too if anyone's into that:
  3. computer_rock

    John Smith - The Black Tower

    been looking for a dvd/screening of this for ages. love this as well (the girl chewing gum)
  4. computer_rock

    capital by karl marx.

    you'd think he'd have a better understanding of dialectics after his protracted debate about secualisation with jurgen habermas :lol:
  5. computer_rock

    Preliminary Forays into Electroneology

    lol academia is weird does anyone understand that shit? * *yes
  6. computer_rock

    Preliminary Forays into Electroneology

    think you're looking for this mate:
  7. computer_rock

    Twees're Good (except they're not)

    this is disgusting. certainly puts all the other shite in this thread in perspective.
  8. computer_rock

    capital by karl marx.

    david harvey's book on post modernism is also very good and i expect a lot of people on here would be interested in it. it primarily outlines his theory of 'time/space compression' but his effortless switching between economic/political/philosophical/geographic/cultural analysis along the way is...
  9. computer_rock

    Great 4x4 Garage

    ha! love that ^
  10. computer_rock

    Adam Curtis

    this. i would say the most important thing to bear in mind when read marx is methodological. marx is a dialectician, the concepts he deploys obtain their meaning through their relationship with other concepts (the totality) - nothing can be understood in isolation from the whole. when he...
  11. computer_rock

    Scuba's Personality = Sasha's Expander.

    at times sounds like an overproduced klf record. somehow he has out-boring'ed his previous output. somehow
  12. computer_rock

    Reynolds, K-Punk, Kode 9 Panel at Stratford Circus 23 February 2012

    definitely gunna try and make this one. the first one was pretty good, missed the second one though.
  13. computer_rock

    Dubstep ? years ahead obviously
  14. computer_rock


    i like this bit
  15. computer_rock

    Azealia Banks

    she's come out so i guess that's the end of that
  16. computer_rock

    Patience (After Sebald) - at the ICA for a few days

    can anyone remember the russian author who was mentioned alongside camus when one of the (female) contributors (whose name escapes) me was describing the way in which objects sometime suddenly become conspicuous or reveal themselves as they really are?
  17. computer_rock


    there's cheeky sampling then there's putting someone else's tune on your album..............
  18. computer_rock

    Classic Films on Youtube

    turns out lost highway is the film to watch with a hangover. also really annoying/clever how low voices were in the mix, had to strain to hear the dialogue and then got blasted with badalamenti
  19. computer_rock

    Classic Films on Youtube

    wow nice one bandshell. that's my sunday evening sorted (never seen lost highway)
  20. computer_rock

    Voynich Manuscript

    i'm guessing jorge luis borges somehow knew about this but it seems unlikely....