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    The Screamed Name Tunes

    YouTuber comments - "The 90s where not a good time for johnny ricky or scottie"
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    Astroworld horror

    horrible, horrible... heads must roll for this.... but one thing I can't my head around - in my mind I think of Travis Scott's music as "file under ambient" - dreamy, wispy, electronic vapors.... "Goosebumps", "Sweet Sweet" etc The tunes don't seem designed for slam dancing and people going...
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    Gen Z junglizm

    there's all these bedroom kids making jungle and dreamy D&B tunes (my own kid put me onto this stuff) seems to have no relation to any kind of real-life scene - i suspect they've never heard jungle or D&B played out through a big system - it's something they've alighted on in their wanderings...
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    Experimental singer-songwriter

    artists working within the intimate, confessional, soul-baring tradition, who veer off into unexpectedly inventive, non-acoustic or expressively weird directions it does my head in that Cat Stevens - Cat Stevens of "Peace Train", "Morning Has Broken" etc etc - released this track in early...
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    shitting on their own legend

    most artists carry on long after they should have stopped, so the Q might equally be "who hasn't shat on their own legend?" but who are the ones who have most soiled their own discographies? it might not even be a question of bad records, just the sheer quantity of 'pretty good / decent'...
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    lovers jungle

    is how I described 2step but what about examples of jungle that is romantic or sexy? NOT including songs where a diva sample is very clearly being used to refer to Ecstasy e.g. "Finest Illusion" rather songs construably about being in love rather than being luv'dup here's one to start with
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    The Genius of Gurley

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    I saw that Kevin Martin aka The Bug has rescored Solaris, which is a ballsy thing to do given the immensity of both the Tarkovsky film and the soundtrack by Artemiev I feel like this is a thing that others have done but I can't think of any other examples Did the dude from Portishead do one...
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    have these been deposited here before? somehow, despite the absurd treatment, the glory of the former survives while the shiteness of the second cannot be disguised there's a bunch more but they're all D&B after its enshitenment
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    tribute songs

    when the scene pays respect to itself or an artist doffs the cap to inspirational elders
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    nuum retrofashion streetwear

    c.f the Gabber Eleganza thing
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    sideways not forwards

    here's an interesting piece by Chal Ravens, following her proclamation of "this is the Future" about that Afrocentric techno mix by Shannen S-P it's about a sound that has emerged in recent years on the UK scene that people just call...
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    the one thing that spoils it

    this is a ragingly beautiful piece of music except for one element that lets the side down which is the winded and thin-sounding horn section, whose paltry and clumsy parping resembles the brass section in Dexys if each player had one collapsed lung what other songs or pieces of music are...
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    the sensation of muck

    "the sensation of muck" is a phrase that popped into my head a long time ago when flicking through a huge swathe of house 12 inches in a store... a cumulative awareness of the lack of care taken about titling tracks or even artist names and label names, the drab typography, the generic black or...
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    just 4 u London

    songs about London (within a certain tradition nudge nudge wink wink say no more - keep it focused, like)
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    this is a world completely foreign to me the definition of getting the wrong end of the stick - and waving it frantically around
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    pirates RIP sez NYT

    pirates on way out cos internet and cos licenses sez New York Times i'm surprised that there are still fifty left tbh "Now that Rinse is a licensed station, the contrast with Kool, a former competitor, is stark. Kool operates out of a grim warehouse with flickering bulbs and patchy black...
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    Marcus Garvey Centre, Nottingham

    Proof if needed that the nuum was never only a Just-4-U-London thing
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    how to hide your face in the Wire

    some clever sod has noticed and is documenting a Wire magazine stylistic trait which is for the artist's to conceal wholly or partly their face from the camera one of the examples is from my Rob Haigh piece from a few months ago where sure enough Mr Haigh...