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    CERN Large Hadron Collider big bang experiment

    Has anyone managed to view the live feed? All seems to be going well so far anyhow, according to this: And the earth hasn't been swallowed up by a black hole just yet. :cool:
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    Amen break and Golden Ratio

    Fascinating discussion of the Amen break's replication of the Golden Ratio :cool:
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    have moog re-invented the guitar?

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    Anyone heard of, or played with, this new "revolutionary" instrument from Yamaha? Their site does a magnificent job of underwhelming you with its exciting possibilities for music-making e.g. "The TENORI-ON 16 x 16 LED button matrix is simultaneously a performance input controller and...
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    WOEBOT bows out

    Apparently our host and benefactor Woebot is ceasing and desisting all online activity as of now: Thanks for everything and good luck with new directions in life. Hopefully Dissensus will continue to blossom in your absence (and honour).
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    Mel Cheren RIP
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    Johnny Rotten meets Matlock, Cook and Jones downtown

    Punk legends The Sex Pistols have announced a concert to mark the 30th anniversary of the release of their seminal album Never Mind the Bollocks. Sex Pistols live at Brixton Academy: Maybe it's because we're all Londoners, but there would be no Sex Pistol without dear old London town. See...
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    downloadable Twitch mix & interview on Pitchfork :cool: (or should this be in mixes/events?)
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    broadband wireless routing problem - "we have a technical"

    I'm failing to connect a laptop to DSL broadband via wireless router at home - the setup is: DSL modem ---ethernet---> desktop pc [broadband connection works fine] DSL modem ---ethernet---> linksys wireless router [seems to be working: wlan & internet lights are on] linksys wireless router...
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    This looks interesting, give or take Sparklehorse: December 7, 8 and 9: PORTISHEAD APHEX TWIN JULIAN COPE SPARKLEHORSE ONEIDA BLACK MOUNTAIN CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX FUZZ AGAINST JUNK SEASICK STEVE TEAM BRICK EARTH - anyone know anything about Seasick Steve or Team Brick?
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    my Charles Hayward (This Heat etc.) FACT interview

    on-line now: (or should this be in another section?)
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    Amsterdam now!

    Anyone know of any interesting music or cultural stuff happening over the next couple of days (March 14-17)?
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    Beckett Centenary

    Beckett Centenary - please ignore this double-posted thread Apologies for the double-posted thread - browser went crazy, or maybe I did. :o
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    Beckett 100 Centenary

    Irish radio RTE are broadcasting Beckett's radio works, one every evening, this week, streamable live, but also available here: Each archive link is added the day after the broadcast. Unfortunately I missed the Three Novels back to back this a.m...
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    Famine in Africa and capitalism

    Millions face starvation in Eastern Africa: I don't mean to trivialise this in any way, but aside from the imminent need for aid for these people, does anyone else feel that situations like these point up the failure of western affluent...
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    eBay "sniping"

    Calling all eBay masters - do you have any experience of "sniping" software/service that puts your bid in for you seconds before the auction ends?
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    grime b-lines

    Anyone know on a muso-technical level how grime/dubstep/drum and bass producers make all those mutant wormhole inside-out writhing wobble-U b-lines? Apologies to the Mods if this is in the wrong place. :eek:
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    Any love for the new Ladytron LP?

    I haven't got it yet, but given the first two stunning albums... I'm all ears
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    Lips Like Sugar

    No not an Echo & the Bunnymen post, but Ladytron's new single "Sugar". In my weltanschaung Ladytron's 1st two albums were peerless tours de force of the most pleasure-centre-caressing synth textures, positively narcotic riffs and melodies, brutal and brittle beats, melodious whisperings and...
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    Robert Moog dies Monday Aug 22