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    The first half, anyway.
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    'erotic' cinema?

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    here you go: "bleaaaaaurgh!"
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    USB/firewire -> PCMCIA converters?

    your imac should have an express card slot - in which case you could also use one of these adapters: im not sure, but i think you would get less latency using one of these than using a usb adapter.
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    Duke Ellington

    i dont have much ellington but: 'afro bossa' is some of my favorite music - i think you would enjoy this if you like the far east suite. the queen suite & the complete elllington indigos i like also. 'piano in the foreground' & 'money jungle' (both trio albums) are really nice too - he was a...
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    Google and the flu

    RE: AOL search logs: :eek:
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    YouTube video finds

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    Jonathan Ross 'For One Week Only'

    cheers! enjoyed the kaurismaki episode. also cant imagine anything like this getting on tv nowadays :(
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    bigboi + raekwon + dre - royal flash

    sick. love the variations in the beat + that stereo effect on t he bass. quality stuff.
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    Favourite (official) Kraftwerk Studio Album

    much as i love trans-europe & radioaktivity i end up listening to computer world most often so that wins. that stabby delayed sequence that detunes a little at 1:50 & the drifting pads on 'its more fun to compute' is genius. 'perpetually futuristic' is about right, and its pretty funky too.
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    Melodyne Direct Note Access

    quote from a blog which was quoted from somewhere else on the internet: etc. but everything you hear on the radio is already processed to fuck, & 99% of people couldnt care less anyway. imagine what the rza could do with it...
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    Melodyne Direct Note Access

    its pretty incredible, will be interesting to see how its applied. check the sonicstate vid if you havent: he plays around w/ a chet baker record about 2/3rds through, bit hard to hear but you can see the potential.
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    hmm i saw the film about a month ago & the way they depicted it (his dictation), well it seemed pretty credible/convincing. basically the lady(s) taking notes was increasingly quick in reciting the alphabet (letters were read in order of frequency of use) & increasingly able to predict what he...
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    yes the cinema i saw it in was quite stuffy too, maybe they switch the air-con (usually theres too much) off to enhance the effect. but that (very long) scene was just incredible. very affecting film - i look forward to his next - i think i remember an interview around the time it was released...
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    Analord Revisited

    well i didnt pay any attention to the analord series as they were coming out - the release scheme seemed gimmicky & it was a period when i wasnt interested in any kind of techno...anyway now i love the stuff. its like a collection of sketches - it works on that level - like some madlib stuff, or...
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    People with annoying faces

    this guy
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    cheers children, im loving this stuff - 'space pong' is wild!
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    'black dust' on redspaces myspace sounds quite carl cragish to me. 'steam' is pretty kick-ass... i wonder if T++ is likely to release anything on cd? or a flac release or something for the vinyl-impaired? the snippets on boomkat sound mighty tasty.
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    People with annoying faces

    you people probably dont know who that is, i wish i didnt either. surely the most punchable face ever.
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    documentary films

    im always meaning to start a collection of nature docs but never do - though i find them endlessly watchable...there was a documentary i saw a while back about animals living in & scavanging from a rubbish tip - somewhere in eastern europe i think. and another about monkeys living on rooftops in...