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    Chicken Art
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    Sci-fi short story ID

    A man realises that he's waking up to the same day everyday (a la Groundhog Day), finally works out how to escape from his situation, only to find he's been minaturised and the world is a creation of an alien race who have saved him. The specifics are not totally clear - either he's small, or...
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    The meaning of "funky house"

    When martin blackdown first mentioned funky house on dissensus a while back, people seemed to think it referred to bland, MOR house played in bars in the west end. The stuff that Geeneus etc are dropping now seems a long way from that - are they two separate genres, or have they met in the middle?
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    Lord Skywave - Something (TRG and Various Productions remixes)

    New on This Is Music - tracks from the Simon Lord's "Lord Skywave" album get the remix treatment from TRG, Andy George and Various Productions. Mid '90s rave flavours from TRG and Andy and a spooky little stepper from Various: 12" A - Something (TRG's 95 remix) B - Something (Andy George...
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    Police warn of growing threat of eco-terrorists

    Specifically, Earth First! From reading that Earth First! believe that the world is overpopulated, the police jump to the conclusion that they want to kill 4/5ths of the worlds poplulation :rolleyes:
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    Poppy oneupmanship

    Flicking on the news yesterday, I saw the Queen at Remembrance Sunday wearing what looked like 5 poppies stuck together. What's that all about? Do any other public figures wear more than one? Or are they not allowed to upstage Her Majesty? And is it just me or do politicians, newsreaders etc...
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    Horrifying Sex Toys From Beyond

    HP Lovecraft vibrator anyone? Or a sex toy straight out of eXistenZ?
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    Aidan Baker

    Really enjoying his work as part of Nadja, and boomkat mentions something about his "shoegaze explorations" in one of their reviews. His output according to discogs is fairly prolific: anyone have any pointers?
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    Phonokora turntable harp

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    This Is Music presents - Sisters Of Transistors (Graham Massey)

    For our fourth release, we're proud to present Graham Massey's new project, Sisters Of Transistors, which features Graham drumming, and the four Sisters playing an array of vintage organs, in a prog-acid style... Sisters Of Transistors - The Don (THISIM005) 12" and download, tracklisting...
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    Just reading children's author Philip Reeve's book "Mortal Engines", about giant moving cities which eat each other, which has a bit of a steampunk feel. And I realise that while I think I know what steampunk is, I can't ever recall reading a single book that I'd consider steampunk. What are...
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    Stephen Merritt

    Stephin Merritt Is I think my favourite songwriter... I only discovered The Magnetic Fields four or five years ago, and just got hold of the Future Bible Heroes record "Eternal Youth" today, which is absolutely blowing me away on first listen. I've no idea why it took me so long to get it...
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    Patricia Hewitt in Nigerian email scam shocker

    This amused me greatly when it showed up in my inbox on friday - anyone else had it? Subject: Can you do this? From: Hon Patricia Hewitt MP <> Reply to: Dear Friend, I am Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP. Leicester's first woman MP...
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    CD capacity paradox

    Right, so your standard CDR is 700mb/80min capacity. How come then, I have a bunch of AIFF audio tracks, total size 784mb, total running time 77 mins 40 sec? I can burn a CD from itunes, but I can't fit the raw audio tracks on CD? :confused:
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    This Is Music/Warp present: Mujava - Township Funk

    Some of you may remember this incredible bit of kwaito techno from the African youtube thread a while ago... finally seeing the light of day on 12", with a nice heavy cut from Transition, and digital. Here's the youtube clip that started it off (how do you embed youtube code here btw?)...
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    Early Boards of Canada

    Some years ago, I came into possession of a CD of early BoC tracks titled "demo tape", which has some great stuff on it, the highlight being a track called "Trapped" which has a pitched down soul/pop acapella over an exemplary BoC pads and beats construction. Similar in style to their "Midas...
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    This Is Music Records - Lord Skywave (Simon Lord ex-Simian)

    Not been on dissensus much for a while, not even lurking - partly cause of this little project. This Is Music is proud to present it's first release, Lord Skywave. This is the solo project of Simon Lord, vocalist with the now defunct Simian, and contains three generations of music making -...
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    MT9 - the sucessor to MP3s,,2282352,00.html "Whereas MP3s are merely compressed versions of songs, MT9 has separate controls for each musical instrument. Listeners can tweak the volume for each channel - such as guitar, drums, bass and vocals - muting or amplifying their favourite...
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    LDN - Wang, 3rd May, Corsica Studios

    Simian Mobile Disco Alexander Robotnick Jim Masters (Hi Tek Soul) Jake One - Live (Toob) Uncle Buck Hefty Electro Elvis & Lula Lukey Roots At Corsica Studios... And although I'm not on the line up, it'll be my first time on the decks on a proper sound system in a long...
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    Elephant paints self portrait Fake? Real?