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    Nomos - do you have a link to this? Would like to share it.
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    I've not visited Dissensus for a very long time, but wanted to come by after hearing this terribly sad news. My exposure to K Punk though this place was a huge deal for me in my own intellectual devleopment, having never really engaged with critical theory up til then. His blog was such an...
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    Chicken Art

    Chicken sign bingo anyone?
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    Chicken Art
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    Sci-fi short story ID

    Yeah that's the one - thanks Swears!
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    Sci-fi short story ID

    A man realises that he's waking up to the same day everyday (a la Groundhog Day), finally works out how to escape from his situation, only to find he's been minaturised and the world is a creation of an alien race who have saved him. The specifics are not totally clear - either he's small, or...
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    Reynolds hardcore continuum event

    Lol. Only on Dissensus.. :D
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    Do Animals Think?

    Alright - if we really want to get into this better start with some definitions. Consciousness = being more than just self aware. There's so many ways of talking about this - Phenomenal vs access consciousness etc etc... I think consciousness involves not only self awareness, but emotions, the...
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    The meaning of "funky house"

    That's exactly what I'm talking about - I've never paid much attention to the whole Defected/Hed Kandi etc type house, but it's interesting if people are playing and/or influenced by it still.
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    The meaning of "funky house"

    When martin blackdown first mentioned funky house on dissensus a while back, people seemed to think it referred to bland, MOR house played in bars in the west end. The stuff that Geeneus etc are dropping now seems a long way from that - are they two separate genres, or have they met in the middle?
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    Do Animals Think?

    Gosh, get out of bed on the wrong side did we? No need to be aggressive. I dunno, saying "it's impossible to know that other human beings think" is a fairly textbook definition of solipsism isn't it (towards other humans if not the world in general)? Whether you operate on that assumption is...
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    Do Animals Think?

    You're a solipsist? Or at least agnostic to the idea that other humans "think"? The analytic tradition certainly struggles with the problem of "other minds" but I think Fichte and Hegel did away with the problem fairly well... Nucleus - in reference to Dan Dennett, are you talking about the...
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    Lord Skywave - Something (TRG and Various Productions remixes)

    New on This Is Music - tracks from the Simon Lord's "Lord Skywave" album get the remix treatment from TRG, Andy George and Various Productions. Mid '90s rave flavours from TRG and Andy and a spooky little stepper from Various: 12" A - Something (TRG's 95 remix) B - Something (Andy George...
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    Levels of description

    This is like Dan Dennett's "intentional stance" theory on consciousness:
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    Rage Against The Machine Spark Outrage At Asda

    What's the name of the activity that involves going into pubs and putting the most obscure, long tracks on the jukebox?
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    Police warn of growing threat of eco-terrorists

    I'm glad it's been retracted, but it should never have reached press in the first place...
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    You mean a Van de Graaf generator? Or possibly a tesla coil? There are actually musical tesla coils - I have a feeling this has probably been posted already on dissensus but it's so good it deserves another - seems pretty steampunk to me, along the lines of the tesla coils in The Prestige...
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    rolling methamphetamine thread

    My flatmate brews beer at home, and one of the supply websites sells lactose, for use in making stout, I think. The site says that if you order more than 4 packages, they have to inform the police. My guess would be that as lactose is fairly common cutting agent for coke etc that's the reasoning...
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    rolling methamphetamine thread

    I'm not familiar with "no 4" and "no 3" slang... but any freebases of any drug are pretty insoluble in water?
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    Long time no post... good to know you're still about.

    Long time no post... good to know you're still about.