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    Best HW/SW for 'performing' electronic music live? Help please!

    Yes the looper control is messed up. Maybe Integra works best as a an fx playthrough. If you draw fx envelopes in a block and save the block, you can make a timeline with several tracks and arrange blocks with totally different fx or loop setups all over it and play through it as the timeline...
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    Best HW/SW for 'performing' electronic music live? Help please!

    Check Integra Live: It's free and has a few incredible features for live situations.
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    Where to start with Swans

    This year I saw Gira solo in May and Swans a month ago. I go and see them whenever I can and it reaffirms something impossible to express every time. It happens extremely rarely with music. I tried to explain this to Gira chatting after a gig but I failed - I can barely say anything at all after...
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    Best synth sound ever

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    scandinavian synth-pop

    Air France from Sweden are pretty great.
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    Lost Glitch Classics

    You're probably aware of these but anyway... Some of John Wiese's stuff is really excellent. I love Soft Punk especially. Also Curtis Roads' Point Line Cloud and Microsound.
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    New Oval Album

    I imagined the new koncept evolved from Ovalprocess/commers sound, but this track is a whole other story. I was prepared to hear a totally new way of using gear or whatever. The albums after Scenariodisk were fkin brilliant, with millions of ideas in every track.
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    New Oval Album

    This is the last thing I expected to hear. I played it five times to try to like it, but i hate the drums. Hope the rest isn't like this.
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    what you currently enjoying ?

    New Ariel Pink stuff is great.
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    Weird world of MaxMSP/PD etc geekary

    i'm into it but i hate most of the things i hear people do with it. i use pd more. its a pain in the ass to get things finished though. i'll get back to you on this when i feel better about it...
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    Drum/rhythm knowledge rolling thread

    in max/msp you can make sequencers out of metronomic triggers and you can play and do equations with their times. so the length of the metro cycle can change or slide to different values on different triggers. they also control the amp envelopes. it works in milliseconds so the smaller number...
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    which better: Hafler Trio or Nurse With Wound?

    NWW requires less focus to be enjoyed. H3O works best under full concentration, otherwise it often sounds too distant and has no strong effect on me (except A Thirsty Fish, that one's fkn amazing). I havent seen NWW play yet, but Hafler Trio was one of the weirder gigs I've seen. The sound was...
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    Industrial Music

    great thread!-! NWW's Homotopy to Marie and almost every Coil album is closest to my idea of non-cheesy industrial. But also Suicide's old tapes and Cabs (even up to Covenant), those Swans drum machine albums. As a kid, I understood industrial as records that had a more or less musique...
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    Songs with coughing in

    there's coughing on "Lady Sniff" off Psychic... also on The Associates "Q Quarters"
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    Badly Recorded Music

    Ariel Pink's the most obvious example of going too far in lo-fi recording. Some of the music is actually lost in the process, I think. He could at least get better quality casettes. Because some of the songs are just excellent. The first 3 Sightings albums are beautiful. Everything's in red...
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    Red Sparowes/Pelican/Isis/Khanate

    I saw both Sunn0))) and Jesu last year and got mindblown both times. Esp Sunn, as ridiculous as their stage act was, it was actually totally beautiful in the end, even more than Jesu, which is totally straight-fwd melodic stuff. Still haven't heard the last Boris thing, I keep hearing it's great.
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    Bizarre SP*M email titles and content

    Sure. I love them. The one I decided not to delete today was from "UN" and it was called "no hands"...
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    Does anyone here use traktor dj studio?

    I hate the clumsy browsing in Traktor (in cases when you don't have a fixed playlist and just want to browse), but can't really suggest any alternatives. I still use it every time I laptop-dj. It's nice to use the key assignation for yr favorite functions, since I don't have an outboard...