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    DJ Harmony Dubplate Special radio show (3 July 2014 Resonance FM)

    Hi all, hope you're good. Some of you may be interested in this this Thursday on Resonance FM in London/the net
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    Critical Beats #2: Place, Locality and Globalisation [LDN 8 December]

    Hey all The second instalment of The Wire's discussion series Critical Beats takes place this Thursday 8 December at East London's Stratford Circus and is titled Place, Locality and Globalisation. On the panel: Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz), Martin Clark (Blackdown/Keysound), George Mahood (Big...
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    Critical Beats #1: Sound, Technology & Microgenres [LDN]

    Co-hosted by The Wire and the University of East London, Critical Beats is a series of talks and panel discussions exploring various aspects of electronic dance music and club culture as they manifest in East London and beyond. The events will feature contributions from some of the most active...
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    Adventures In Modern Music: Music From The Lost Worlds (20 October)

    (Dance of the Wild Cattle, 1965, south-west Cambodia (photo by Jacques Brunet)) This special edition of Adventures In Modern Music presents rare and unheard ethnographic recordings from the collection of writer, musician and Wire contributor David Toop, from South East Asia and Africa to...
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    Resonance FM 2 June: A Brief History Of Grime Tapes

    Hi all, The Wire's Adventures In Modern Music show presents the following special show on 2 June: More info here:
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    hi-fi separates racks

    I'm looking to get some kinda hi-fi separates rack to house CD player, amp, pre-amp, record deck, maybe tape deck, too. Googling them, they mostly look like the kind of appalling glass and steel constructions which only suit a Michael Mann film. Anyone recommend any manufacturers etc? I...
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    London/The Wire Salon "We Hear A New World" Thus 2 September Cafe Oto

    We didn't manage to confirm all the attendees in time to mention this in The Wire's September issue, so I'm spreading the word about the latest of our discussion forums at Cafe Oto in London. This one is entitled "We Hear A New World", and it'll cover microphony, technology and sound art. As...
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    The Heygate Estate in Elephant And Castle

    Why is this thread in music? Well, that's the question I want to put to you. The Heygate Estate is a massive, monolithic council housing clock in Elephant And Castle, South London. It's mostly unoccupied now and due to be demolished. However, it looks pretty striking from the outside. Now, I'm...
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    Mark Ernestus (Basic Channel/Rhythm & Sound etc) in The Wire 312

    Some peeps might want to know there's a rare (and big) interview with Mark Ernestus in the new issue of The Wire. Enjoy
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    New dissensus layout

    Is there a thread already on this? I'm not sure I'm enjoying the layout as much as I used to. I have to scroll up and down to see whats on all the forums. Also the search doesn't seem to work.
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    Pressure Sounds on Adventures In Modern Music

    Pressure Sound are going to be on The Wire's Adventures In Modern Music show tomorrow, spinning roots and dub from the archives, and talking about reviving such reggae gems as the King Tubby/Clancy Eccles which they've just released. Which I highly recommend. Show starts 9pm, Thursday 24...
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    Dopplereffekt and Broadcast in The Wire

    Some of you may be keen to know the October issue of The Wire is out soon, with a face to face interview (and photos) of Dopplereffekt (ex Drexciya). There's also an interview with Broadcast, who are on the cover.
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    Moritz von Oswald in The Wire

    May be of interest to Dissensians: Moritz von Oswald of Basic Channel, Rhythm And Sound and many more projects is interviewed and on the front cover of The Wire this month (July edition).
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    Kode9 on the cover of The Wire

    For those who are interested, Kode9 is on the front of The Wire's forthcoming May issue. cover
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    [LDN] Joanna Newsom tickets

    Hi there I've got two tickets for Joanna Newsom at the Royal Albert Hall on the 28th September which I'm trying to get rid of as I can't make it. They're in the gallery, which is quite high up. I'd massively recommend seeing her live, though- she was amazing in Manchester earlier this year...
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    Dizzee Rascal- Maths and English

    Have we had a thread yet? I heard it the other day, and to my ears it's very weak indeed I feel. There's no Grime beats on there, essentially- although there is a Shy FX junglist collaboration, which sounds horrifically dated- it's all hip hop. Some of the lyrics are really vacuous...
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    Jiffy Bags / Mailers

    In my job, I get a ludicrious amount of jiffy bags and mailers used to send CDs and vinyl. I reuse as many as possible, but we get sent many more than we ever need. In the interests of recycling, is there anyone out there who could use mailing materials like this (obviously second hand) on a...
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    At Hornsey railway station this morning, I saw some real, actual trainspotters doing their thing. I must say, I instantly felt an enormous welling up of fondness for them- their undivided fascination for the transport and the linkages of the modern city, and their intense wonder at human...
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    Simple Headphone Mind

    Not a thread about one of the few good Stereolab songs, but a thread about headphones. Firstly, I'm interested in getting some of those noise-cancelling headphones. Are they any good? And does anyone have any recommendations? Secondly, why are headphones in record shops often so damn loud? It...
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    London 8/6- Womb at Rhythm Factory

    Think I'll go to this. Dubstep and Dirty Canvas in one weekend! Make the most of what's left of the summer! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Monkeytown present a new night in London on Friday 8th September 2006. It will take place in the back room of the Rhythm factory in Whitechapel...