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    did hip-hop make funk better?

    this is an odd one as i bought a lot of funk records when i was a hip hop obsessive, though i think i was just conditioned by hip hop to worship funk and not really listen to it properly. but i have come to learn that i dont actually like funk very much. i love the riffs, the basslines, the...
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    artists who you love for one album/song but have no desire to listen to anything else of theirs

    i find i have this a lot now. i used to be a bit of a nerdy completist (something i was reminded of when recently selling lots of old stuff in my collection which i realised i never actually played or at least have no memory of). but maybe due to music scarcity turning into overwhelming music...
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    Sidewinder Tape/CD Sets for Sale

    Hello, I am selling some old sidewinder sets. Am listing them below. If anyone is interested, message me! I'm based in London but will post anywhere in the UK or abroad too. Any questions, feel free to ask. THE UK PEOPLES CHOICE MUSIC AWARSD 2004 (6CD+DVD) £30 SIDEWINDER UKG PEOPLES CHOICE...
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    good album cover right?
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    jesse kanda / doon kanda

    i know nothing about who this is but this new EP on hyperdub has to be the best thing theyve put out in a long time
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    Sikh Bangers

    bangers from the sikh world. all bonafide bangers, these.
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    Christian Bangers

    share Christian bangers here. whether they are from England, America, France, Spain, or Poland, throw 'em in the mix in this tribute to bangers from the Christian globe. i just...
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    That's The Joint! - A Spike Lee Season at Deptford Cinema

    That’s The Joint! A Spike Lee Season Deptford Cinema Jan 11 – Feb 9 Do The Right Thing (Jan 11) Clockers (Jan 18) Bamboozled (Jan 25) Inside Man (Feb 9) All tickets £5 or £3.50 for concessions All films start at 19.30 (door open at 19.00) 39 Deptford Broadway...
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    Men who don't wash their hands

    Who does this? I've noticed in my office, after I use the toilet, so many other men just go straight for the door and avoid putting their hands near a tap. I think its kind of disgusting. Are they in that much of a hurry? Do they bathe their cocks in dettol, thereby negating the need to wash...
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    kurupt fm - people just do nothing

    i saw a bit of this before, but have only recently started watching it properly. if you were ever into garage rap/grime, i cant imagine you wouldnt like it. at first i thought this was your standard british tv/film industry treatment of anything to do with rap (ie like donk and scorsayzee by...
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    Brexit Music

    the specials - youre wondering now radiohead - exit music
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    can you really be 'into' dance music without going clubbing?*

    *without going clubbing much? i realised i barely go to clubs anymore. actually, i never really liked clubbing to begin with (well, apart from smaller/not so busy places), and that was when i DID go fairly regularly. i just liked the music, and DJing, etc. but you cant really hope to...
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    separating an artist from their private life i was reading this post on popbitch about the new r kelly album and wondering about how messy this can actually get. in rap, there are probably lots of artists who rap about all sorts of nasty behaviour, but in real life, might actually...
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    Thread for Drake

    just as he seems to be taking over other threads a bit too much. i dont care for his forced swearing/attempts at playing a hardman, but im not really bothered if he has a ghostwriter, or if he didnt pay his dues... i think people who suggest that have other reasons to hate drake, but are just...
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    like them live, hate their albums

    ive never been a big rolling stones fan, but find listening to their live stuff weirdly enjoyable (i think its from first hearing midnight rambler on one of their greatest hits comps) talking heads - never really been that into the albums beyond the singles, but a youtube video of one of their...
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    Rolling True School Hip-hop thread

    for the stuff that doesnt really fit into the other thread... been listening to the new pete rock album quite a bit lately - exactly what you would expect it to sound like, but brilliantly, and a lot better than the first volume of petestrumentals, which was pretty much samey headnodders from...
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    what podcasts do people here listen to? i am trying to get some recommendations for podcasts that will y'know, make me a smarter, better, and generally mroe excellent person for 2015.
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    music vs cinema (an entirely subjective contest)

    or songs/albums vs films i vote for music. this is partly as music will always be my first love, but also because music is easier to take in while doing other things (though this is also why so much modern music is shit), and there is more scope to be spontaneous in music (again this is partly...
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    whos on it? is it worth it? soul destroying? i dont have a smart phone so i cant get it. though am now tempted to get a smart phone just so i can.
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    A Daft Punk double bill at Roxy Bar & Screen

    Getting dangerously close to Daft Punk saturation point? Want to push yourself over the edge? For its very first outing, Sonic Celluloid will be immersing itself in the Daft Arts to present you a double-bill of films created by the Gallic disco robotniks, for a celebration of Daft Punk on the...