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  1. Clinamenic

    Black Hammer x Proud Boys

    Thought this was... unique enough to warrant its own thread. Horseshoe praxis?
  2. Clinamenic

    Meet Stan in the flesh

    On a screen, natürlich. A group video conference is to be coordinated, on a date/time to be collectively decided upon. Also, I would like to record this meeting, as the first roundtable of Solo Salon, perhaps provisionally retitled Poly Salon. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to...
  3. Clinamenic

    The Microgig Economy

    (taken from my newsletter, hence any difference in tone) For as soon as the distribution of labour comes into being, each man has a particular, exclusive sphere of activity, which is forced upon him and from which he cannot escape. He is a hunter, a fisherman, a herdsman, or a critical critic...
  4. Clinamenic

    The Metaverse

    Been thinking about making a thread about this, but this article just pushed me over the edge. There were also a couple good tweets about this, from random people. One, in...
  5. Clinamenic

    Cellular Automata

    I'm just ten minutes into this presentation, by an artist not a scientist, introducing cellular automata, and I felt I should share it here. I think @catalog especially will appreciate it. I'm also gonna look for some software that lets you create your own parameters. Something of a gnostic...
  6. Clinamenic

    Dissensus DAO

    So i've been thinking about starting on actual blockchain projects, and I have a number of working ideas, and one of them is turning Dissensus into a DAO. Now a DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which just means group of people who need to coordinate some collective decision...
  7. Clinamenic


    Had a conceptual breakthrough this morning, in terms of understanding social attraction. In the interest of being more invested in relationships, I started thinking about how I should respectfully communicate sexual attraction to a female friend of several years, whom I will be seeing soon...
  8. Clinamenic

    Pro-Life Vigilantism

    Anyone look into this Texas abortion ruling? Only encountered basic coverage of it myself, but I gather it involves rendering illegal abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, and it also empowers citizens to report such abortions and presumably even aidings of such abortions. From Reuters:
  9. Clinamenic


    Looking to compile a list of effective (i.e. not wasting donation revenue on tchotchkes mailed to regular donors) and/or innovative charities. Social enterprises too, most broadly, ideally ones with savvy and sustainable business models. Anyone have any go-tos?
  10. Clinamenic

    Non-kinetic warfare

    Economic warfare, cultural warfare, information warfare, technological/infrastructural warfare, etc. Things that certainly have impacts on bodies and minds, but less directly and less viscerally than kinetic/armed warfare. Just heard about the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act...
  11. Clinamenic


    Presently intoxicated. I would like to gauge the perspectives of science, among our members. Namely: @sufi @luka What comes to mind alongside the word science? Dig into it. Perhaps when you get the opportunity to drink. If we, at this forum, had control of the global apprehension of this...
  12. Clinamenic

    21st Century Methods for Democracy

    A really niche topic, would've preferred to attach it to a broader thread, but alas, etc. Been watching several panels about Buckley v Valeo, Citizens United v FEC, campaign finance in general, and while I'm unfamiliar with most of the meat here, I certainly won't let that stop me from offering...
  13. Clinamenic

    Experiments in Autodidacticism

    For posterity, primarily. But also as an occasion to more crisply formalize things, and perhaps even pique the interest of the other inhabitants of this bitspace. For over two years now I have been experimenting with autodidactic education, here conceived as an education in which the student...
  14. Clinamenic

    Toward a Mythos of Extropy

    We are titans of phantasmagorical complexity, extropic constructs of nature, stewards of our own destiny. Something to that effect, I think, may be a good taste of a new mythos, a culture to underpin and integrate our ongoing efforts of science and humanism. A twofold goal, not solely...