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    A blog/album of 37 one minute tracks that I'll be adding to over the next few weeks.
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    Recommend me dub.

    I need some really spacey '70s dub. Endless space echo fading into tape distortion, cavernous spring reverb etc.
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    Lucky lucky lucky!

    The week I send my synth to the States for repairs I win a copy of Ableton 8 :D
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    Mephedrone and Music?

    Posted this in Nature but here might be more appropriate. Thoughts? Experiences?
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    Mephedrone and Music?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Experiences they'd like to share?
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    Kode 9 talk 16/04/10 Small venue, likely to sell out soon(ish)
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    CD clearout!

    Having a bit of a spring clearout, 400+ CDs, everything from Burning Witch to Grace Jones via Gregory Isaacs and Wolf Eyes. PM me to get the list this Thursday. Basically want rid with minimum hassle so priority will go to bulk buyers who can collect in Central London and pay in cold hard cash...
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    Record and Tape Exchange or whatever it's called nowadays.

    Anybody ever worked there? Having a CD clear out, a few will go to eBay but the majority will be disposed of with minimum hassle. What's the best strategy for getting money out of these b******s? Taking in a few at a time or going in with a big pile?
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    The future's here today! (1984 edition)

    As a kid I loved this show, the clip below especially... imagine my surprise and delight when it turned out to be true!
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    Resetting a MacBook

    Hi, Need to do an Erase and Install on a MacBook running OS X 10.5.8 in order restore it to the original factory settings however it won't read the original discs. Is it possible to do this using the discs that came with my iMac also running OS X 10.5.8? BTW the MacBook reads CDs and DVDs okay...
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    Anyone here into them? A heavy, almost primitive, Kosmische drone aktion unit. The Overlook tape, Solar Bridge LP and recent self titled CD are all excellent.
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    Bars in Stoke Newington, Dalston?

    Any recommendations?
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    Can anyone point me in the direction of some quality chart pop mixes suitable for a works party? Youngish mixed crowd. I said I'd find something but I'm struggling!
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    Minimal Food.

    Is there such a thing as a meal that you could eat everyday for a year without falling prone to any deficiencies in your diet? I heard that Viet Cong fighters would survive for extended periods on nothing more than rice and some sort of fish sauce. I've also heard you could eat beans on brown...
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    Where to now?

    Replying to an earlier thread about moving to Berlin got me thinking 'where is the new Berlin?' I mean somewhere with affordable rents and lively music and art scenes. Thoughts? Experiences?
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    Flats in London.

    I urgently need somewhere to live in London. I've been looking on Gumtree with no success so far. Ideas anyone?
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    The Lizard.

    Anyone remember this '90s music mag, think it was originally called Lime Lizard?
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    Barney Bubbles.

    Any fans of his work out there? See the link below for details of a new book dedicated to his work. It looks really good and has an introduction by Peter Saville which should be interesting.
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    Burning YouTube clips to DVD?

    I have downloaded clips from YouTube via MPEG Streamclip to my iMac running OS X 10.5.5. The clips are MPEG 4 video files. Any idea how I can burn these to DVD so I can watch them on a UK DVD player?