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  1. wektor

    Dissensus' first brostep thread

    No one talks about it, yet it is the first digitally bedroom produced genre of this era, its significance reaching very far, but somehow not acknowledged.
  2. wektor

    electro house fitties

    ultra music and beyond
  3. wektor

    new crazy frog

  4. wektor

    Sigma Prowler

    A prowler, a flooded new york penthouse climber. Thin and agile enough to squeeze through the broken window of the local organic co-op when the supply chains go down completely. They do not want self-indulgent strength and muscle, they want someone aware of their limits.
  5. wektor

    how not to catch a cold in London

    As an immigrant, I've always wondered, what's the fucking secret to being able to wear shorts and flip flops in winter without catching a cold? Does London make anyone else ill every four weeks or so or is it just me?
  6. wektor

    nuum translated

    I would like to know more about non-uk nuum music, local spring offs from the general (historically acknowledged?) continuum
  7. wektor

    agile rollers

    done with the burial sleaze done with the overcompressed neurofunk steppers it's all about agility and funkiness of the digital drummer now
  8. wektor

    What the hell to do this summer?

    I know the summer is almost gone, right after it started, but is there any reasonable open air small-sized event options available this UK summer? Plenty of good, small festivals happening in central yurop, but since I haven't gotten the second jab yet that's out of question, hence I'm looking...
  9. wektor

    dream sequence

    Posh Isolation RPG? Sounds of early computer music? TV drama ket jams? A fried Mellotron? Actually a recording of an outdoor jam with no deadcat used? Melodies buried in the friction of tectonic plates? All of the above?
  10. wektor

    top 5 avant garde electronics epics

    as requested by @mvuent #1 Recording of a performance at Moderna Museet in 1976 that apparently was pretty, pretty loud. Loud enough to get Hennix banned from playing in Stockholm for a few decades...
  11. wektor

    War with France?

    As above.
  12. wektor

    research chemicals

    the drone days are long gone what now?
  13. wektor

    sample pack favourites

  14. wektor


    what does it represent, apart from being the lineage hyperpop comes from?
  15. wektor

    nice ambiences in brighton

    going brighton tomorrow to do some field recordings, ever have been there only once for about half an hour so I would like some recommendation in regard to spots that have a funny ambience so far I'm considering the quadrophenia cliff above all other options although I'm not sure how the hell...
  16. wektor

    notation in music?

    following the shitstorm under a convo between mark fell and rian treanor cut from the wire notation (its pianoroll equivalent in case of computer made music...