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    Nick Land and Neocameralism

    You are a million miles away. Why say that? It is mostly to do with a huge increase in marketing and legal (people whose role is to stop the university being liable for things), HR, and executive assistants for senior management (as well as masses of international travel for these)
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    what are you reading now?

    ¡Enhorabuena! Another one that springs to mind - Lo mejor que le puede pasar a un cruasan by Pablo Tusset (name might be misspelled) - slacker comedy, spoof noir I think a few years ago I recommended you Sin noticias de Gurb by Eduardo Mendoza - anything else by that author is worth reading...
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    what are you reading now?

    Hi Benny. Still in Spain then? I don't think Bolaño is too hard - try the early stuff like La Pista de Hielo and El Tercer Reich. I read through his stuff in order and lost interest after slogging through Savage Detectives Almudena Grandes is a great novelist, but her books are all really...
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    RIP Smiley Culture

    Azerbaijan connection?! Anyone have a scanner and a copy of Private Eye to hand?
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    Where to live in London?

    thanks baboon i'm a little sceptical of acton and willesden green and the NW in general cos, as you said, it all seems quite suburban. But then I'm not exactly sure why this would be a problem - I don't go out much, don't care about there being any particular scene. But I really don't want an...
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    Where to live in London?

    my girlfriend and my mate's girlfriend have just got jobs teaching in NW and SW respectively, meaning we're looking at sharing a flat somewhere in west london - which is an area i know fuck all about any comments on the following areas? harlesden willesden junction (not green) acton or...
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    what are you reading now?

    Funny you should mention it, my girlfriend bought Mendoza's new novel in FNAC about four hours ago. I haven't read any others but she says the trilogy that starts with El misterio de la cripta embrujada is brilliant, a bonkers spoof-detective story she also just chipped in to say that Ruiz...
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    what are you reading now?

    I finally got around to reading V, and posted a little review on my blog that may or may not be of interest (it tied in with that thread here a couple of weeks back about colonial guilt) At the risk of provoking people's ire, I found this pretty boring. Can't remember the last time I had to...
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    fantastic online games
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    News of the World phone hacking scandal

    It was Will Lewis. As Private Eye points out, while he was at the telegraph he was happy enough to post photos of MPs houses during the expenses scandal.
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    Iowa Primary

    not bad
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    War In Iran

    Good article
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    Richard Dawkins

    The stats I saw are here Admittedly theyre from 2005 On closer inspection, while the median age for retirement in greece is higher than in germany for men, it is lower for women. But compared to france for example? I think in general that claim that is a bit dubious. they seem to be around...
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    Richard Dawkins

    Greece has a higher average retirement age than Germany. That is a bit bonkers, but at least some of the out-of-control spending comes from bribe-procured deals with German companies:
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    global financial crash yay!

    General Strike just been called here in Spain
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    fantastic online games

    Addictive as fuck: 10 Bullets