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    Ethiopian Begena music

    does anyone else notice the similarity between Ethiopiques 11 and Arthur Russell's 'World of Echo'?
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    burial dj kicks mix

    amazing but where did you hear this; is it up on the k7 site?
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    2562 - Aerial

    does anyone have a track listing for this? will it be all new or older stuff like kameleon and circulate?
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    or if you take into account that the congestion charge goes towards funding public transport; keeping costs down, improving services etc. i was on a night bus last night and i saw a ken advert saying that 3 new bus routes have been created in the last year. that's pretty amazing
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    Trim - Soulfood

    i like how you've insinuated that i haven't bought it. although you're right i'm going to make a big purchase from ukrecordshop soon i promise
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    anything trippy = trip hop? not too sure about this, it seems to me like quite a stretch. it kinda reminds me of what everyone was saying about the 'nuum a few months ago; can't really group a wide range of artists into a convenient sentence...
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    Trim - Soulfood

    what's everyone think of this? it's my personal favourite of the series so far. 'the low dan' and 'i can c u' are the stand out tracks for me. i've been told radioclit produced 'i can c u' can anyone confirm this?
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    check the link here;
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    kode and lotus killed it last night. has anyone heard rustie's 4am drunk mix? he mixes loads of his tracks into crunk, it's amazing
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    bigboi + raekwon + dre - royal flash

    definitely his biggest verse since his UGK international players anthem track. and i'm sure loads of people are going to give examples where i'm wrong but i've never heard a U.S. hip-hop track with a rewind...
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    Hercules and Love Affair

    surely that's already happened. you can stretch to say that all of the early DFA stuff (The Rapture/LCD) is disco but the LCD Fabric mix is basically all disco so its already happened
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    Hercules and Love Affair

    nah, their remix of Goldfrapp's A & E is their stand out track so far
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    Hercules and Love Affair

    nothing on the album sounds like it could be a hit, to be honest, but then again i'm taking a hit as something being top ten, dunno about you
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    el guincho - alegranza

    and he's playing in over england in the next week. check his myspace here
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    "Junior Boys" - "Body Language Vol. 6"

    i gave it a quick listen over the weekend and was very impressed with the track selection and mixing, but then junior boys can never do bad for me
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    autechre - quaristice (2008)

    i think the opening ambient piece is amazing, feel there's potential when they go dubbier towards the middle then get a little bored when they go back to their old approach
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    prancehall in nme

    there any links to the article? did he just re-hash what blackdown wrote about a few months back?
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    LDN - 21Dec - MMMmeetBruk - Lazslo Beckett Peverelist Luca ToddlaT NType BenUFO ++

    can't wait. this then warp's xmas party the next day it's as if xmas has come early
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    Music highlights of 2007

    oh and disrupt's 'foundation bit' Soul Jazz's 'Brazil 70, optimo's 'walkabout'
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    Music highlights of 2007

    most of my top albums would just be repeating what others have said (Pinch, Burial, Robert Wyatt, Pantha Du Prince, Durtty Goodz etc etc) but what about Beach House's debut, A Hawk and a Hacksaws collaboration with the Hun Gar Ensemble and Swod's new album?