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    The press release hall of shame thread

    'wonderful viruosos' :slanted:!!/?PHPSESSID=lbiuea90n3olpnrr9csdjn5211
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    2 quid off discogs
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    The music journalism hall of shame thread

    oh dear.
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    claustrophobic films

    Le salaire de la peur
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    Juke new sarantis mix on soundcloud. blinding.
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    Death Grips

    u not a zomby fan either then I take it:)
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    rolling back to the future garage/post-dubstep/alt-funkstep/intelli-2step etc thread

    thanks for link 20 minutes in and feel like going back to bed. Did they get paid to do that? Were there bowls of K on the coffee table?
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    Name this tune for me...

    check this guy
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    Name this tune for me...

    ok, lets start at the beginning. you say its a white label from the last 2 or three years... is it the only track on that side of the 12' ? what makes you sure its from the last 2 or 3 years? is your friend an 'electro' collector or a general eclectic DJ? do you know if he has ever cut a...
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    Name this tune for me...

    i know what its like...the itch you cannot scratch. I give up for now but listen to 'A' by Turzi anyway its great..
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    Name this tune for me...

    french,fast,dystopian,white away far too many secrets may edit when u do find it :)
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    Name this tune for me...

    has anyone suggested porn darsteller yet (rip) or... le syndicat electronique think dynarec are french...maybe too electro/drexciyaish tho...
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    I used to read lots of comics on the DS,it certainly is cramped but zooming and navigation is easy when you hold it like a book. Better for text driven narratives though. I first read Biomega on the DS and when I actually got the print it was like reading a completely different book. 'Monster'...
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    Name this tune for me...

    I sure this aint it but.... been a secret weapon of mine for a while now...
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    Name this tune for me...

    yep same turzi there is some of their electroish stuff here:
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    Name this tune for me...

    you have a lot of listening left to do mate:)
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    Name this tune for me...

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    Name this tune for me...

    maybe something by nancy fortune,shes french....
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    Scary movie thread

    just remembered Cronenbergs mask in Nightbreed with the buttons for eyes,he seemed to dig that role a bit too much. fun film if I remember
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    Scary movie thread

    Onibaba gave me moments... I dont really like masks in general... Irrespective of the actual scariness of the film,what do you guys think is the scariest mask worn by a character in a movie? I not keen on The Elephant Man or the masks in Surveillance.