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  1. Leo

    Best of Dissensus 2021

    American invasion COTD RIP Pinhead Craner Kit vs Muggs Eden vs Rich, Brexit edition Wuhan (thread) cured Luka's sabbatical Death to America
  2. Leo

    Choon of the Day, redux

  3. Leo

    Something Bothering You? Tell It to Woebot.

    Our fearless leader apparently has a lucrative side hustle he's kept from us... Something Bothering You? Tell It to Woebot. @Woebot did you copyright the name?
  4. Leo

    EXP TV
  5. Leo

    Corporate statements

    Christ, a client just asked me to draft a statement they can put out about violence against Asians. I get it. We all condemn violence against groups, or anyone. But it's all so perfunctory, bordering on cringeworthy. I'm not particularly comforted by, or think more highly of, Heinz beans...
  6. Leo

    Google "Music, Makers & Machines" yeah, I know, it's Google, and some articles are for the novice, but also some cool historical info. A Tour of London's Lost Clubs The History of Kompakt The CAN Studio
  7. Leo

    Rage and the $100/month food budget

    go at it. @linebaugh @constant escape @suspended @luka
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    An offshoot of the CONDIMENTS thread, these things need to be discussed. Life would be less interesting without chipotles in adobo. I lust in my heart for smoked paprika. Saffron is like the best drugs. Became hooked on it as a kid in a chance encounter with my first bouillabaisse, a...
  9. Leo

    Mid-tempo chug

    The masters (perhaps slightly too fast..)
  10. Leo

    Other people's text messages

    A Photographer Spent Years Secretly Snapping Shots of New Yorkers’ Text Messages. See the Mortifying, Humorous, and Heartbreaking Images Here
  11. Leo

    Karma, luck, fate, sheer coincidence

    how do you classify them? just had a work experience where a colleague who I rarely interact with needed to check something I was working on, and then pointed out eight incorrect figures (turns out I worked from an outdated spreadsheet). it would not have been good if this incorrect...
  12. Leo

    Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things

    strangely addictive.
  13. Leo

    Murder hornets

    we're fucked. phenomenal name, though.
  14. Leo

    Why Do We Even Listen to New Music? yes, I know, pitchfork's shit, we all hate it, etc.
  15. Leo

    Message to Droid

    Do some spring cleaning, droid!
  16. Leo

    The Happy Thread

    In these uber-shitty times of Trump, Boris, COVID-19 and crashing economies, some things that bring much-needed un-ironic joy.
  17. Leo

    Bandcamp app

    Does anyone have the iOS bandcamp app? I just downloaded it and can't find my collection. if I go to the search function, I'm given a choice to search from "my collection", but I have to enter the name of the artist or album for anything to pop up. yet on the App Store page, there's an image...
  18. Leo

    RIP iTunes

    it's long been fashionable to complain about iTunes but I'll miss it to a degree, hopefully the replacement Music app will retain features and functionality. I don't really care about iTunes as a music storage program but would really miss the download store, if that goes away (considering the...
  19. Leo

    RAR file extraction for Mac

    Can anyone recommend a free software for extracting files from an RAR on Mac? I had one on my previous Mac (which I no longer have) and it worked fine but just did some research and see lots of complaints about bloatware that comes along with some of them. appreciate it, thx.
  20. Leo

    No sound from MacBook

    I suddenly have no sound from my MacBook Pro (bought new about six months ago), which is pretty alarming considering how much music I play on it, videos, etc. I double checked that all the levels are up, no mute accidentally hit. Doesn't work for built-in speakers or headphones. Anyone ever...