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    Oldschool techno EP (Journey and FM EP)

    I had a nice techno phase (mostly oldschool) back in 2016-2017, and these tracks are from those times. 'Journey and FM EP' has oldschool techno in slow 120bpm tempo (Celestial Airship is even slower, 115bpm) suiting for dj sets of '80s/early '90s styles. The EP's tracks are not modern monotonous...
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    Clang-y jungle/dnb // Gremino - Roamer EP

    FREE D/L on Bandcamp -> Stream from Spotify (and many more streaming services) -> \\ Roamer Rough and melodic jungle with dnb-twist. I have always liked those bell melodies/arpeggios in jungle, so here's some of that. I also added some 00s neurofunk styled reeses to give some modernity...
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    London Jazz

    London youth making jazz and taking influence from urban genres like grime. Is live music getting popular with the London street crew? Seems interesting evolution.
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    Short jungle mix // new jungle with few old ones

    LISTEN HERE ## tracklist: 01. Gremino - Roamer 02. Skerce - Jungle Fever 03. Harmony & Xtreme - Temple Of Heaven 04. Gremino - Jbb31 05. Veak - Chemist Ina Dis 06. Riffz - 2 Late 2 Run (VIP mix) 07. Conrad Subs - Here With Me 08. Dark Dean & Hankinson Ft. Stevie A & Carmen Naida - In The Area...
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    Gremino - NRG EP (Car Crash Set) digital out now Avaible at: Beatport: Boomkat: Juno: ...and...
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    Dissensus Raw Productions

    Dissensus Raw Productions Place for raw, ruff, rude, jagged, edgy and strong vibe productions. Every producer is welcomed, even if you're not registered here! The idea was from discussion about post-dubstep/future garage/etc. being too bland/polite/safe in rolling back to the future...
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    all gremino mix - mixed by ill cosby

    44mins of Gremino material mixed by Car Crash Set's Ill Cosby. Includes two tracks from forthcoming EP on Car Crash Set. SOUNDCLOUD or alternative DOWNLOAD. 01. Late Night Vibes [unreleased] 02. Screech [Car Crash Set] 03. Shining (Jam City Remix) [Car Crash Set] 04. Shining [Car Crash Set]...
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    Ruffness / Silver (Car Crash Set) digital OUT NOW

    2 trax of grimey garage. Preview: Buy it from: Boomkat Juno Download iTunes ETC.
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    o6trumentals - 8 FREE grime instrumentals!!

    Here's eight grime instrumentals made back in 2006, which I'v finished and re-made. DOWNLOAD Stream and single track downloads
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    Shining / Be And See + Remixes digital release out now!

    Gremino 'Shining' / 'Be and See' (Car Crash Set) C/C/S2017 01. 'Shining' 02. 'Shining' (Jam City Remix) 03. 'Be and See' 04. 'Be and See' (Grievous Angel Remix) OUT NOW, EXCLUSIVELY AT JUNO: Two big mutant UKG tunes from Finland's Gremino...
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    Gremino - It's Working EP [Rag And Bone] digital release OUT NOW!

    GREMINO - IT'S WORKING EP 01. It's Working 02. Hyper 03. Bleak Rocking 04. Problem As always with Rag & Bone, we like to catch artists on the cusp of big tings and there’s no exception here. Gremino first came to our attention with the utterly stunning track ‘Shining’ which has turned up on...
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    gremino trax

    Previews of 2 new grime tracks:
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    Screech / Wobbler (C/C/S2005) digital release OUT NOW!

    Gremino 'Screech' / 'Wobbler' (C/C/S2005) - Car Crash Set "New, super heavy, slow-motion dubstep cuts from Finland's finest. Gremino is already receiving DJ support from Jam City, Kingdom, Unknown Soulja, and Dusk + Blackdown among others. Big tunes for fans of heavy synth work and crushing...
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    something for summer 2step mix

    Here's a little 30 min 2step mix: Tracklist comes later, but I can tell it's not full of obvious ones!
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    techno'n'stuff mix

    Here's a techno mix with some dubstep/garage/grime: Tracklist: 01. dj milton - casio [dance mania] 02. cane - malfunktion [retrofresshh music] 03. monika kruse & voodooamy - funk frequenz (cole remix) [terminal] 04. vice - homeboy [black nation records]...
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    [RELEASE/EVENT] Space2pace recordings first release/party. 140-150bpm jungle/dnb

    Space2pace recordings launches! 140-150bpm jungle/dnb. First Bite EP avaible as 320kbps mp3s at (Direct link to the release) Virb page and more audio can be found at "First Bite" EP S2P001. Space 2 Pace passionately believes that for...
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    Gremino tracks

    gremino trax Check out You can also download them in 320kps: If the link is expired, just request a new one :) There's three garage-style-, one fast (159bpm) dubstep- and one Loefah/Matty G/Mala...
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    Gremino - The Defender Of Rhythm EP independent CD-r-release out now!

    Gremino - The Defender Of Rhythm EP CD-r-release out now! Also as free 320kbs mp3s Gremino - The Defender Of Rhythm EP independent CD-r-release. 100 copies. For all foward thinkers. 01. Thru 02. Lets Jack 03. Scarce 04. Gangsta Girl 05. Catharsis 06. Nuera The clips can be listened from my...
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    gremino - a mashup mashing up the mashup-mix

    This set was for a dj-competition. It's an eclectic set containing uk garage, dubstep, jungle and more. Tracklist: intro: syl johnson - right on 01. underground resistance - jupiter jazz [ur] 02. phuturistix - bad thoughts [hospital records] 03. dj mark...
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    gremino - (mainly) dubstep-mix (21.04.2008) 39min

    gremino - (mainly) dubstep-mix, 39min Tracklist comes later...