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    the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

    I always have to skip that track ("The Game of Loving"), for fear that the guy in the next office will think I'm watching porn. Mind you, I have no idea what he thinks of me when he hears something like "Black Mass: Electric Storm in Hell" seeping through the walls.
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    I remember there was a release on the Australian label Dorobo back in the '90s, where someone was credited with "faulty record head", which seems to fit the hauntology tag from a technological angle.
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    unbelivably awful news

    So many celebrity deaths flow though the news every day. Some I take more notice of than others, but the height of my sympathy is usually just a "oh, that's sad" thought and then moving on. But every now and then, the passing away of someone I never knew, hits me - makes me stare off into the...
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    The Big Hello Thread

    Hope I'm doing this right. Looking fwd to this forum, hope it takes off.