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    [Tokyo Japan] 28/4 Mike Dred @ Nakano Heavysick

    I know there's a few if you in Tokyo who might be interested in this. It's on the sunday night before the public holiday on monday: Superbad MIDI Breaks 10th anniversary presents " TOTAL DESTRUCTION vol.3 " Sun 28th April 2013 @中野 heaveysick ZERO Open / Start...
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    Carrie Pamyu Pamyu

    Well, not much to say about this but she just smashed the charts here in Japan.. Ludicrous J-pop. Not the usual fare around here, I know, but some of you might get a kick out of the videos at least.
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    Minikomi live @ blip tokyo

    nSo, I've been making a lot of gameboy music lately and recently had a chance to play at blip festival Tokyo... a pretty big gig. Went quite well and got a good recording of it, so .. check it out! 2x Gameboys, mini kaos pad, iphone on the (sometimes overly loud) samples haha...
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    Threw this together to have something to listen to at work. It's proving pretty good for digging deeper into new music for me. Takes an artist/track name and uses's api to make a playlist of "similar" tracks - which can then be played on youtube. Probably still...
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    Dancehall 2011

    Just starting to warm up here in Japan and I really really can't wait to shake off the post quake doldrums, shake a leg down at the beach.. ah Spring/Summer can't come too soon.. Anyway, what's been happening riddim wise lately? Star A Star riddim sounds pretty damn hot to me so far. Anything...
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    Rolling Rollerskating Thread

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    Why the lucky stiff

    So I've recently been quite interested in ruby, a programming language with an interesting community and philosophy. A lot of what seems to have grown around this language, seems to rest on its founder, Katz, and the once intriguingly pedantic and prolific, but now seemingly vanished "_why"...
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    shovelglove Just recently started this on a lark Quite good - like the lofi attitude of it & the fact I can do it in breaks as I work at home.
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    Gameboy live vid.. 2x GB , Kaos pad mini... some fun! Dancehallish bits & dubstep/funky influenced stuff... :cool:
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    potential radio killer? as soon as all channels become iphone streamable i can see this taking off massively... nice balance between live/archived feel...
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    little netlabel i coined to put out some bloopy dubby stuff ive been hearing around a bit in this fair town of tokyo.... first two tracks are me noodling away on the way to and from work each day next will be 2 fun tracks from shex. peace!
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    hi. been a while. Autokratz - stay the same Boy8bit - fogbank Lil Louis Vega - Beat that bitch with a bat Proxy - Dance in the dark Ladyhawke - Paris is burning (cut copy mix) Shameboy - heartcore (DIM remix) 2652 - kameleon Does it offend you...
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    sexy music

    any suggestions?
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    Wonderfully Naff music

    The flip side of the naffness coin is that sometimes something is operating outside any ideas of good taste, something magical can happen...... Mark salud plays a tune live on octamed on public access TV in 1980-something, along with room mic to get those essential keyboard clacks...
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    mizzle k - crackle mix 0:00 - Kiprick - through rum 1:30 - qq - stuckie 3:00 - busy signal - cant get me down 4:30 - soft pink truth - everybody's soft 6:30 - logic system - unit 9:30 - ESP - its you 12:00 - Rhythm and sound feat. Shalom -...
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    girl talk - night ripper party mix

    haha mashup is dead long live mashup.
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    music research techniques

    Having been confronted with the sensory overload that is 2nd hand record shopping in Japan, the question of where on earth to start now becomes that much more urgent :P So I`d love to hear peoples techniques on how I can go out there with at least some idea of what I should be looking for...
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    The other lovers thread

    anyone know of any good lovers (reggae) mixes online? weather is just getting nice here in nagoya & one would go down a treat ;)
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    video well worth checking venetian snares`s`s`s renoise track on yourtube.
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    Dead boys do - an Electronic Audio Zine

    Dead boys do is an electronic music audio-zine aiming to fill the gap for a central source where experimental electronic music can be heard. The zine will will revolve around a 15 - 20 minute mix, directly downloadable or as a podcast, done by yours truly, aiming to mainly feature unsigned...