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  1. Mellsman


    He was / is an art dealer. I remember the trainspotter lad as a toddler.
  2. Mellsman


    I used to live with his grandad
  3. Mellsman

    Unfortunate names

    Mike Oxbig
  4. Mellsman


    Like a Virgin fucking overwhelmed 12yr old me.
  5. Mellsman

    the Meat Thread

    With free knife?
  6. Mellsman


    Apologies to Plymouth vigilantes. Please don't surround my home.
  7. Mellsman


    Can't forget the people of Plymouth, UK mobbing a paediatrician in error.
  8. Mellsman


    Fuck. I gifted a jar to someone the other day. Might have to recall it.
  9. Mellsman


    I don't think there's actual chicken in it. The eggs are real enough though.
  10. Mellsman


    It's remarkable. Eggs is just the beginning.
  11. Mellsman


    On eggs.
  12. Mellsman

    Provincial/Small Town Nihilism

    Jerusalem was extremely sanitised while purporting to be gritty.
  13. Mellsman


    "Finding a clock" sounds like hard work. Getting a phone out to find out the time always feel crap. The watch wins.
  14. Mellsman

    Name a good song about football

    People pass hot dogs and beers to each other down rows, helpfully.
  15. Mellsman

    perfect melodies

  16. Mellsman

    perfect melodies

    Melody. And………timing.
  17. Mellsman

    Provincial UK Cities Rated - Nominations

    2. Peter Gabriel sort of
  18. Mellsman

    WashYourHands' Top 23 (+77)

    Fuck. Precisely my experience. But I was 7 and going to boarding school after a rare Sunday at home.
  19. Mellsman

    how much do you drink in a normal week?

    It's a companion piece to the lad who ate fists full of Space Dust, drank gallons of Lemonade, and then blew up in the playground.