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    Hint guest mix on Rinse FM (07/07/2012)

    Hi Dissensus. I guested on the Feel Fr33 show with Mr. Cook on Saturday night. Podcast up here: I played from 30 mins til the end. Here's what I played: Mia Dora, HaHaHa & Rashka - "High Sheen" (High Sheen) Lights Went Out - "Lovely...
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    Daily Intake Promo Mix 01 [House / Garage]

    Stream / Download on Soundcloud: This is the first in a series of mixes I will be putting up in the run-up to my album release on March 19th. Mix 01 is a 55 min House mix. Mostly new and forthcoming releases, with an...
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    That's Hintertainment vol 14 [House / Garage / Club Music] A quick 30 min mix of some recent and forthcoming bits. Contact Ben @ Mixed Bizness for bookings: Forthcoming gigs: 21st October - Plan B, Brixton, LONDON...
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    Lite Feet [?]

    So... what's this stuff? Is it called Lite Feet? It's like a super raw update on party break Hop Hop. An East Coast equivalent to Jerk? Associated with a dance where people do tricks with one of their shoes?
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    That's Hintertainment vol.13 - House / Club mix [December 2010] House / Broken / UK Club stuff for stream / download. Some stuff from this year, some from next year, some from many years ago. 1. Maddslinky - "Further Away (ft Tawiah)" (Hint Remix) [Tru Thoughts] 2. Ill Blu - "Bellion" [Hyperdub] 3...
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    Hint - Beryllium EP ft Josie Stingray & 1-O.A.K. OUT NOW

    Hey Dissensians I have a new digital EP available right now on Tru Thoughts. You can buy MP3s direct from the label (the full EP for only £2!), or alternatively purchase from one of your favourite digital retailers worldwide: Juno Download Turntablelab Digital Beatport It features a guest...
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    Hintertainment vol.12 - Late 90s Undie Hip Hop Special

    A mix of lesser-known US and Canadian underground Hip Hop from 1997-2000? It's what Dissensus was made for. 1. Louis Logic - Logistics 101 [Superegular] 2. Kamachi - The Meanin' (ft. AG) [Readyrock] 3...
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    Feb 4th BRIGHTON -- Steady On with Maddslinky (Zed Bias) -- FREE!

    Tru Thoughts are running a new Thursday night weekly at Funky Buddha Lounge in Brighton in 2010, with residents Robert Luis and Hint. Our first special guest will be Zed Bias. He'll be coming down to give us a taster of the super big new Maddslinky album, which will be dropping on Tru Thoughts...
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    That's Hintertainment vol.11: Ruff Broken House Mix

    Direct MP3 Download: [57MB] Streaming: # Dekata Project - At Least We Can Dance (Hint Remix) [Doshiwa] # DVA - Jelly Roll [DVA Music] # A Little Bit Funky - Quadruplets...
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    Dekata Project Remixes (NuTone, Roska, Hint, Ike Synton)

    Forthcoming on Doshiwa "At Least We Can Dance" MP3 EP, released August 31st Please CLICK the titles for youtube links, since embedding doesn't seem to work. Original Extended Mix ==== Hint Remix (that's me OMG LOL) iTunes Exclusive...
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    It's a new ad-funded music streaming service (subscription for ad-free). Anyone else checked it out? Very slick - an extensive catalogue, no sign of buffering and the ads only appear once every 5 songs or so. Sure beats going to Youtube to hear songs / bands you're...
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    A New Club Mix

    THAT'S HINTERTAINMENT VOL.10 (Uptempo / Club mix) Jul '08 mp3 [85mb] (right click / save as to download) Hint – At The Dance [Tru Thoughts] Pase Rock – Get Money Kids [unknown] Karizma – God Made Me Phunky (Karizma Re-Rub) [Defected Urban] Fake Blood – Mars [Cheap Thrills] Bassbin Twins –...
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    Gearslutz Q+A forum with Marshall Jefferson For one month only - a dedicated forum for chatting with Marshall Jefferson (who posts as inthere)
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    Al Fatz - Came Down (Hint rmx)

    Some people like it, some people don't. Fancy that. Perhaps you will like it, Dissensus reader. Only one way to find out:
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    Melodyne Direct Note Access This is officially nuts. A man with a splendid beard has made some software that can pull apart recordings of chords and change the pitch, length and timing of individual notes within that chord independently, in realtime. It's something that most...
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    An EP
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    Dancehall vocal info / advice needed

    Hi all... bit of a long shot here, but has anyone on the board had any experience with working with some JA vocalists? I'd be interested to hear if anyone has any tips. Feel free to PM me if you'd rather not discuss the nitty gritty of any business in the forum itself. From what I've read in...
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    Films about Disco

    2007 - the year of the disco documentary...? The Godfather Of Disco (G.O.D.) A documentary about Mel Cheren, West End Records, Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage. Arthur Russell Movie A movie. It's about Arthur Russell. Leading on to... Foundations New York's "golden age".
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    Steve Albini - mErKeRy I'm a great admirer of Albini and this thread is a joy to read for me. He raises some very interesting points with regard to the relationship between recordings, artists, engineers and producers and makes a very persuasive argument at all times.
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    Minimiam Some beautifully shot work here. I especially like the cup of tea / sugar lump scene.