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    third goes popular but not poptimist

    with a couple of weirdo bits sprinkled throughout. Bashed this together as I have to fly to Turkey cos my nan died earlier last month. For all the Tom Ewing wannabes who don't know what makes good songcraft, and sonic exploration. Here the value judgments are calculated and germanic, not...
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    the most important song this week

    absolutely hands down the worst and most silliest music in the world but that's why it deserves to top the charts. 5 and a half hours left lads.
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    the flu nuum

    here's a thread for that end of the nuum that makes corpsey and benny b turn into self-loathing nathan barleys with identity crises. I've got the flu, really under the weather after shouting at the radio all through that game against the magpies last night. In a half delirious state, sneezing...
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    Safa - Ibtihalat (gnawa influenced electronics)

    Well I'm not sure if this will be too nerdy for some but ive been really digging this record recently. It's always the direction i wanted the so-called postclub/deconstructed club wave to go in, but mostly those guys weren't austere enough and ended up passing as sociology dissertation music. i...
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    live on narr radio this saturday, minimalistic vibes

    Reluctant to advertise this here as I'm not sure how well an hour of minimalistic house, techno and dubstep will go down, but for those waiting for a plunderphonix mix it's coming in March 6-7 PM should be the time
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    live either today or tomorrow

    yes yes, I was actually going to record a mix that didn't progress past 115 bpm so that even @WashYourHands could enjoy it, but after two failed attempts — I guess sweating profusely on a new years eve friday doesn't make for seemless smooth blends does it? I got pissed off, gave up and I just...
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    big love

    there's something about this tune. Look, ok, it's Chelsea FC celebrating a victory over bloody VfB Stuttgart to a t (this is what they were pre-abramovich, lest we forget!) nouveau rich, the song it samples is an all time disco classic, on its own it sounds flat. Yet, it still bangs through a...
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    I don't believe in the 100gecs project as an aesthetic roadmap. Yet it is undeniable that there is an innovation here, formally speaking. In that there is literally no music. What I mean by that is not kind of elitism or snobbery about proper music but this: that when you play 100gecs, what you...
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    perfect melodies

    no filler notes, no excess fat, nothing. just a fully formed melodic development. if this doesn't get @luka to shell some knowledge I don't know what will. @linebaugh you too, please recalibrate @suspended and @catalog 's tuneless ears.
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    turning Gus into a Londoner

    right in this thread we give gus some tunes and we expect detailed descriptions from him. Go easy on him, he's only 19. @suspended you're willing I'm sure, and this can accompany catalog's hip hop journey.
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    radio 2021/22

    What are people enjoying? @William kent @Leo @slackk and others Beauty blender on nts with A.G. and Manara is alright, if you enjoy that style of gloriously tasteless 4 cd deck mixing dj red alert and mike slammer mixed into some sweet flowers re-rub into some aaliya in the space of 2 mins...
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    billy kent do you have an id for this

    @bunnyhausen thought it was from den haag, an I-F/bunker crew ripper, but I don't think so, can't find it in any of my acidplanets.
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    I'm being thick, but where is the option to change to html editor

    did a clean install of firefox. @sufi to the rescue please, where is this setting located?
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    decadent pop, nail bar soul, your desire is an algorithm

    Sex with a ventriloquist.
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    thirdform has covid

    I'm sure a healthy dose of speedcore and japanese harshnoise will cure it but entertain me. No 10500 wanks per week now.
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    feeling sick after fap trademark

    is 10500 times a week too much then?
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    a good cause

    my geezer is homeless rn and we're hoping to hit a £500 bassline so that he can scrape together enough to pay his deposit before his Housing Benefit/PIP all gets sorted. Please help if you can, no matter how small, anything will be appreciated. Cheers...
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    first album i asked for

    Woebot spoke about them. 60 m Raks metal cassettes. Straight from the dealers in Dalston, 1996. Has everything you need in a pop album. apocalyptic euphrates wailing, proto-junglistic rhythms, great melodies. The title track in retrospect is really dud but everything else still slaps. If you...
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    hd crash

    I just had a massive 6TB hard drive crash and had to reformat the whole disk, data recovery software sadly did not work. Would the dissensus hivemind be able to provide me with the stuff which is nigh on impossible to replace? Stuff I'm thinking of would be as follows: Rinse FM shows...