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    Selfish thread: I may be in Manchester tomorow - any recomendations? Thanks MK
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    Newcastle upon Tyne: * * * * * H A T E The Third and Final

    * * * * * H A T E The Third and Final Pandemonium ov Horror & Beauty 15th October 2010 STAR AND SHADOW "And we should call every truth false…" - Friedrich Nietzsche On Nietzche's 166th birthday the clubnight formerly known as STONEHATE returns one last time to toon town for the Third...
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    Drag / witch house

    There was a bit of discussion on Salem etc on the Hypnagogic pop and Juke threads... I agree Salem didnt come across very well in the interview posted on the juke thread: and understand the hipster accusations but i agree with franz where he says their music...
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    im gona be in London from the 12th (tuesday) till the 22nd. Any nights/events or stuff i should definatley check out? MK