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  1. Corpsey

    The Forumverse

    Was chatting with a mate last night who was very amused by memories of my 'celebrity' on dubstepforum He said he had posted on a forum about weed called 420 world or something many years ago Forums have always been a very nerdy minority thing, but they've been a huge part of my life since I...
  2. Corpsey

    Contemporary books

    I became very conscious last night of how distinctly antiquated my collection of books is: for example, lately I've been reading Wordsworth, Matthew Arnold, William Hazlitt, Ernest Hemingway... Nothing wrong with this IMO but I do feel a bit like I've got my head in a pile of 19th century dust...
  3. Corpsey

    Theft & Originality

    Genius steals as they say Sampling is a bit too on the nose for this I was thinking more examples of musicians nicking another musician's melody/chords/lyrics etc... BTW no condemnation is implied here – unless someone's completely ripped someone else off and not credited them etc.
  4. Corpsey

    The pleasure of telling somebody they're wrong

    I sometimes catch myself fantasising about knowing absolutely everything – but only with the object of being able to win every argument and never get caught out. When it comes to becoming conscious of the world, politically engaged, etc. I'm afraid to say the first motive that springs to mind...
  5. Corpsey


    "Everything about music seems unappealing at the moment. I don't want anything to do with it. People should just be quiet and not make a noise" - @luka
  6. Corpsey

    Posse Tunes

  7. Corpsey

    IRL Machiavellian plotting

    Have you ever done it? Or had it done to you? Whenever I read Othello (every night before bed while doing crunches hanging from a pullup bar) I think about how satisfying it would be to manipulate your enemies and see them descend into madness and murder. But I'm too lazy, anxious and moral...
  8. Corpsey

    Fuck the police tunes

    Omitting the obvious
  9. Corpsey

    I love you Oliver Craner

    On mushrooms right now with my mate Just found this via your playlists The inimitable craner
  10. Corpsey

    Watching music videos for hours

    Spent a whole day last weekend with some mates watching music videos on YouTube, drinking Guinness and doing mushrooms. It's a real throwback to my teenage years watching MTV Base and Kerrang round a friend's house. (Except I was tripping a bit.) There are a lot of good videos out there too...
  11. Corpsey

    Decent house/electronic remixes of major label singles

    How many exist? I'm browsing through Janet Jackson's back catalogue and there's all these fairly underwhelming remixes by Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Armand Van Helden... Must have been so much money in this back in the 90s esp. but how many actually great choons came out of it?
  12. Corpsey

    Live mixes where you can hear the crowd

    Hoping there's enough nerdery on here to collect some
  13. Corpsey

    What was the first song you remember dancing to?

    I remember being in the garden with a cassette radio on and dancing to this Possibly a false memory as I don't think the radio would have been battery powered so I would have been inside
  14. Corpsey

    What have you reread?

    Just answer the question, Mr Dissensus
  15. Corpsey


    I made the mistake of watching this last night when I was stoned.
  16. Corpsey

    Optimal listening conditions

    Reading an article about Taylor Swift, how she evolved her sound to fit the arenas "she was now playing" - and wondering what that means, in practice (the abandonment of subtleties that a smaller crowd might pick up on, the simplification of melodic lines, the use of more sustained, capacious...
  17. Corpsey

    Where's Luka?

    My pal Luke. Things just aren't the same anymore.
  18. Corpsey

    Tempo mutilation

    Was just listening to this 130 bpm version of 'This Way' by Skanna (off a 35th anniversary of cafe del mar comp) Got me intrigued re: the possibility of 'screwed' jungle. Found this: On first listen, this isn't as interesting as I hoped it would be. Perhaps not slowed down enough – or...
  19. Corpsey

    Video essays

    There are fucking loads of these on YouTube now. But are there any good ones?
  20. Corpsey

    Criminal confessions

    This video is great. First, as a sort of entrée, you get to see a genuinely, chillingly insane person confessing to murdering someone for no reason with the same emotion in their voice as if they're describing a trip to the supermarket. Then you get to see a school shooter pathetically...